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Managed Services For Your Cloud Infrastructure

Relieve your IT department with our managed services "Born in the Cloud". Companies need to modernize – to increase the flexibility of their business model or implement tools, automate business processes and make their employees more productive and increase customer satisfaction.

How is your IT department coping with these changes? Have the management and operation of the IT infrastructure become more complex? Does monitoring and management prevent it from being strategically integrated into the corporate strategy?

Maintaining and maintaining your own IT infrastructure is becoming increasingly complex and maintenance-intensive as the number of cloud services or your own software applications increases. The requirements of the technologies and applications with regard to your administrators are increasing – and finally the operating costs.

Let specialists help you

Use the specialist knowledge of our infrastructure and service experts to relieve your IT.

Turn your IT into business support

We ensure the stability of your IT landscapeand you focus on your business.

Keep your services flexible

SoftwareONE meets the new requirements of your departments and provides flexible delivery models for tailor-made services.

Focus entirely on your business – while we ensure the performance of your IT environment

With the Integrated Managed Services from SoftwareONE, you have sovereignty over your IT, applications and data at all times. You decide what and how much to outsource. In doing so, you reduce the costs for the operation of your infrastructure, ensure high availability, increase your IT security and optimize your IT costs.

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The SoftwareONE Integrated Managed Services cover every area of your IT as required – they can call up the services in a modular manner

SoftwareONE provides the team size and structure with the appropriate process expertise and technologies to help companies develop, build, automate and manage their cloud initiatives end-to-end.

In these modules, many features are bundled as standard in order to achieve the greatest possible cost/benefit gain. So you have clearly defined service packages, in which previously a lot of experience of our service and cloud architects, the support engineers and from completed projects has flowed.

Modular, standardized managed services

The SoftwareONE Integrated Managed Services are business case-oriented: the experience gained from projects and former services flows into this development. Standardization and individuality are not a contradiction for us – the managed services are qualitatively secure and proven and can be put together cost-effectively for every requirement. SoftwareONE's managed service offering for managing your cloud infrastructure enables you to profitably use the added value of a cloud.

Our understanding of managed services does not end with the operation of the customer's infrastructure – our approach includes an active further development of the service and thus the efficiency of the respective infrastructure.

Your starting point on your way to managed services

Where do you stand in the change process? Are managed servicesa solution for you?

By booking our on-track assessment , we can determine your managed service readiness and clarify the question of whether standardized managed services are worthwhile in your company and can also develop the desired potential.

SoftwareONE is your Trusted Advisor to give you a reliable recommendation and to minimize the risk  of a bad investment.  Together with you, we check the circumstances, such as infrastructure, processes or interfaces, rights roles and compliance rules as well as your requirements and expectations.

Define your goals

What do you want to achieve through managed services?

Define your maturity level

Where do you and your company/department stand right now?

Adapt managed services to your need

Which services do really help you?


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