Application Modernization

A company is as young as its applications

Modernise your applications for current business requirements

Modernise your applications for current business requirements

Business processes and specialized procedures are digitalized and automated. This requires, among other things, a closer look at one's own data situation (in terms of collection and utilization), the IT infrastructure and beloved special software, which often represents the core of one's own business model. The handling of business and customer data within companies and applications also plays a major role - legal requirements make their handling and evaluation more complex.

“More than 40% of the current IT budget will be consumed to pay the technical debt by 2025.” 

Source: Gartner, 2019

Application Modernization

In our video we talk about new requirements for old legacy software. Find out how you can make your software fit for the future together with our experienced team of infrastructure specialists and developers.

Take the step to digital transformation

Outdated legacy software can in the long run lead to problems that minimize the success of your business. Typical scenarios are new demands that cannot be met with the current technology, a high degree of complexity that complicates data handle and a lack of flexibility. All these aspects make the step to digital transformation difficult.

As part of our application services, we support you in this challenge with our application modernization. Together, we digitize your processes and specialized procedures so that you remain compliant and benefit from simple cost management, extended functions and faster provision of your applications.

High-Level Workshop

In a half-day workshop we analyze your status quo: Together we identify the special challenges of your company with the existing applications and platforms. There are various approaches to modernization: Applications can be reprogrammed, partially rewritten or containerized for the cloud. We select the best strategy for your company and thus create the basis for a solid recommendation for action to modernize your applications. 

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Why SoftwareONE?

SoftwareONE offers its own local and global resources for application development and infrastructure. We also have a Network Operations and a Security Operations Center available to deal with your concerns. The applications can be provided as SaaS or as a managed service. We have years of experience in the automation and digitalization of business processes that cannot be mapped with standard software. 

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