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Modernise your applications for current business requirements

Across the globe, applications are vital supports for organizations and their processes. Still, many of these applications have become obsolete, as they no longer respond to the dynamics that businesses need, cause high administration and maintenance costs and slow down innovation efforts. Modernizing an application can bring you operational cost savings along with less administration and support and a boost for your innovation strategy.

SoftwareONE's Application Modernization services help you transform and automate your business through the construction of applications that integrate new functionalities, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, under a Cloud-First, Mobile-First model. As part of this service, Application Modernization Advisory guides you on your first step of defining and designing the best approach to modernize your applications using cloud technologies. Focusing on re-platforming or the refactoring of your applications, our Application Modernization goes beyond lift and shift, delivering the pre-defined outcomes and closing the gap between your business demands and your current cloud application estate.

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Are you ready to cut down your lead-times from weeks to a few hours or less? Let us help you to increase your time-to-market with modern applications – providing you with a competitive edge.

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Closing the Modernization Gap

Smart enterprises need to modernize their application portfolio to enable innovation while simultaneously reducing technical debt and costs. To do so for your organization, you need to design the right cloud architecture for your applications. SoftwareONE supports you in building a modernization strategy that will help you engage in an application modernization advisory to drive:

  • Business Agility: Capacity to respond to new opportunities, threats and demands in a timely manner
  • Transformation Roadmap: Setting up a vision with a tactical plan and measurable outcomes to modernize the business
  • Digital Talent and Expertise: Highly skilled resources able to innovate through a digital strategy
  • Budget Allocation: Feasible strategy to redistribute the budget from cost of operation to innovation
  • Data Estate: Architecture and infrastructure for interconnected data that may be used for Business Intelligence and other data science practices
  • User Experience: Create meaningful and relevant experiences for users

Modernize or remain static? It’s up to you!

Simplify the operation of your applications and let us help you to transform and automate your business through the construction of modernized applications.

The Strategic Approach to Application Modernization with SoftwareONE

Outdated legacy software can lead to problems that minimize the success of your business in the long run. Typical scenarios for this are new requirements that cannot be met with the current technology, a high degree of complexity that makes data handling difficult and a lack of flexibility. All these aspects make the step towards digital transformation difficult.

There are different approaches to application modernization: Applications can be reprogrammed, partially rewritten or containerized for the cloud. Choosing the wrong approach to Application Modernization can become frustrating and decrease your motivation to continue on the modernization path.  

SoftwareONE Application Modernization Advisory helps you find the right strategy by defining and designing the best approach to modernize your application portfolio using cloud-native technologies.

We are your trusted advisor, making sure you find the best approach and a clear roadmap on how and where to start with your application modernization journey. In a second step, we help you to get there and support the execution of your first application modernization projects.

Concept behind Application Modernization

Optimize and Transform Your Legacy Applications

Legacy applications can prevent your business from innovating new products, delivering “consumer grade” experiences and beating the competition. Modernizing these applications by taking the two-stage-approach of Application Modernization Advisory and Application Modernization provided by SoftwareONE allow you to easily adopt emerging technologies, reduce technical debt and deliver the agility expected by the business.

Embrace the Values of SoftwareONE’s Application Modernization Offerings

Application Modernization describes the process of transforming legacy applications or applications created in old technologies into applications that can take advantages of cloud technologies to improve the velocity and efficiency to reach the business challenges.

Increase business agility, productivity and efficiency

  • By using cloud-based technologies, quick wins and automation

  • By increasing application performance and reliability to improve overall satisfaction

Enable cost effective innovation

  • By extending your customer base without hefty investments, through digital channels

  • By enabling the reallocation of budget from cost of operation to innovation

Reduce risk of legacy inefficiencies

  • By using cloud native applications with always up-to-date technology and compliance with international security standards to minimize downtime

Why SoftwareONE

At SoftwareONE, you'll find a team and service that will guide you through the process of modernizing your applications, based on deep industry experience and best practices, so you can immediately reduce costs and simplify the operation of your applications.

Trust the experienced experts

  • In-house local resources for application development and infrastructure
  • Infrastructure operation as managed services
  • Deployment of applications as SaaS possible
  • Customized solutions: Automation / digitization of business processes
  • Cost savings and provision of specialists with great expertise
  • Project experience of over 20 years

Application Modernization Deep Dive

Application modernization with the aid of Microsoft Azure

We demonstrate options for PaaS services and Microsoft Azure technologies and show you how applications can be swiftly modernised and made available automatically.

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Your Complete Guide to Application Modernization

Your Complete Guide to Application Modernization

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Uncovering New Opportunities Through Application & Data Modernization

Application modernization and data modernization are a critical part of digital transformation. Learn how SoftwareONE’s Advisory Services can help.


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