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Until a few years ago, e-mail and desktop telephones were regarded as the standard when it came to making contact with one another. However, 2020 illustrated clearly that the paths of co-operation are being redefined. The comprehensive term for the digital linking of communication and co-operation is Unified Communications (UC).

We offer a support system that utilises high quality managed services in various modules to enable optimal use of the new digital communications paths, depending on your requirements and degree of maturity in the implementation of diverse solutions.

For all-round carefree support:

Our UCNext modules

Team Care

If the aim is to provide optimal work-from-home scenarios for company employees with Microsoft Teams, Team Care offers all-round company support and includes the Teams and Phone System - for all those wishing to maintain a purely peer-to-peer operation.

Meet Care

 If companies wish to expand their technical capacity for large, hybrid conferences and training as well as meeting scenarios, Meet Care covers the operation of conferencing room systems.

Voice Care

SoftwareONE takes care of maintaining PSTN call functions, i.e. all communication paths involving digital and analog endpoints and hardware - worldwide! With our Voice Care Services, we cover the products of the manufacturer AudioCodes for enterprise voice and direct routing aspects.

Analytics Care

Using the UC infrastructure analytics tools (Call Quality, Call & Meeting Analytics or Interactive Research), our specialists with Analytics Care monitor your network - and quickly identify and localize network limitations or even under-utilization - even before your users notice. 

Enter new communication paths

Communication in today's business world is multi-layered and extremely diverse. Flexible and targeted support is important for a secure IT infrastructure. Learn more details about the modules.


Take full advantage of the benefits

Increase availability and business productivity

Reduce complexity and keep costs in check

Keep things running smoothly with network analysis tools

UCNext provides you with modular, highly flexible support that can grow to meet your needs. Plus, you have complete flexibility in the cost model: you can choose to book it separately or in combination with 365Simple or Unified Support. Our SoftwareONE experts provide complete management of the AudioCodes infrastructure. You can also manage the operation of Microsoft Teams Room Systems or Skype Room Systems v2 via our UCNext service. 

UCNext – a modular support for new communication channels

For the digital linking of communication and collaboration, UCNext offers a reliable foundation for your UC infrastructure with connectable modules.


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