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Cyber resilience with SoftwareOne and Commvault


Critical infrastructure protection with SoftwareOne Backup Essentials powered by Commvault Cloud

Cyberattacks are increasing in scale and pose an ever-growing threat to organizations of all sizes and across all industries. Especially for organizations using Microsoft 365, relying solely on Microsoft's retention policies is not enough. The natural data protection of M365 is reaching its limits. Although Microsoft guarantees high availability, there is a lack of holistic data protection and management at the company level, especially in heterogeneous IT environments.

In addition, companies such as the power utility of Zurich (EKZ), which as part of the critical infrastructure are responsible for the continuous supply of the population, must protect their IT infrastructure with particular care. A failure would have serious consequences, as many people would be affected and important services could be impaired.

For this reason, EKZ, one of the largest energy service providers in Switzerland, decided to protect its Microsoft 365 products, Entra ID, and Salesforce CRM with a high-quality backup solution. By using the managed service “Backup Essentials powered by Commvault Cloud”, the systems can be monitored in a single console and quickly restored in an emergency to maintain business operations.

  • 24 x 7 x 365 End-to-End-Backup

    Reduces internal IT department effort

  • 1 central console

    360-degree overview of all IT environments

  • Air Gap

    Creates highly available isolated data copies

Power Utility of Zurich (EKZ)
SoftwareOne Backup Essentials powered by Commvault Cloud

What does Microsoft 365 offer for data backup?

As one of the largest energy suppliers in Switzerland, the company is responsible for ensuring that around one million people are supplied with 100 percent renewable energy. An outage or loss of data would have a serious impact on both the population and the operational continuity of the company. In addition, companies with critical infrastructure must meet strict regulations and compliance guidelines, which include securing sensitive data and adhering to data protection regulations.

Faced with these challenges, the EKZ was looking for a suitable backup solution that is easy to use and at the same time meets the high requirements. Protecting the data from the M365 products and ensuring operational continuity were paramount.


Leverage the benefits of managed backup

Reliable backups are essential for an effective disaster recovery plan. Without appropriate backups, security breaches, cyber-attacks or data loss pose potential risks. To minimize these risks and ensure continuous protection around the clock, EKZ relies on SoftwareOne's Managed Services. These combine high-quality managed services solutions with Commvault's award-winning SaaS protection.

SoftwareOne Backup Essentials powered by Commvault offers EKZ a comprehensive and flexible solution with a wide range of backup targets. After onboarding, SoftwareOne continuously ensures that the backup is working properly by continuously monitoring the entire process. This is done on the basis of the specialized cloud solution from Commvault. If required, SoftwareOne's experts can also take over the recovery of lost data. Billing takes place monthly on the basis of the company's actual consumption.

Commvault, the industry leader in backup, enables comprehensive data backup with its cloud-based solution. The data is stored in the same region as the M365 tenant. For Swiss customers, these are the Microsoft data centres in Zurich or Geneva. By monitoring the IT environment 24/7/365 and guaranteeing its integrity, the managed services ensure that everything is available and ready for use when needed.

In the age of managed backup, data protection is a breeze thanks to SoftwareOne and Commvault. I am grateful for this easy-to-manage service and the fast onboarding.

Stefan Wittenberg

Head of ICT Operations, Infrastructure & Data, EKZ

One strong backup solution for all data

  • Improved security and compliance: Enterprise-grade zero-trust access controls for data backups with Air Gap to isolate data not only increases security but also makes it easier to meet compliance guidelines. 
  • Reduced complexity: Consolidating the backup solution into a centralized console provides a 360-degree view of all IT environments, simplifying management and reducing complexity. 
  • Reduced IT overhead: A 24/7/365 end-to-end backup, monitoring and recovery service significantly reduces IT overhead. The FCA no longer has to worry about managing and monitoring the backup on a daily basis. 
  • Optimization of operating costs: By customizing the solution, the FCA has reduced unnecessary hardware, maintenance and support contracts with integrated storage and silent backups. 
  • Higher backup and recovery performance: Automated backups with flexible recovery options and short recovery time via highly available isolated data copies ensure optimal performance. 
  • High expertise: SoftwareOne is a leading partner for outstanding data protection solutions with Commvault, providing the FCA with high quality and expertise.
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Could you benefit from a similar service?

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