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Shadow IT Happens - Read Why

SH(adow) IT Happens – But Why?

Shadow IT is caused by programs that are not approved by the IT department and can leave organizations open to potentially damaging security, compliance, and financial risks.

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What’s been going on in the world of tech?

The tech world is such a rapidly developing field that it may sometimes be hard to stay up-to-date. With our monthly IT insights you won’t lose overview. Read about the latest vendor news and trending topics.

Adobe DC: New Features for Efficient Workflows and Mobile

Acrobat DC: New features for efficient workflows and mobile working

With the 2019 autumn update, Acrobat DC will receive new features that will further drive the change to 100% digital. Find out what these features are.


Microsoft has launched two data centers in Switzerland: The Swiss Cloud is ready to go

Microsoft paves the way for Swiss companies into the cloud with its own data centers. We shed light on opportunities and backgrounds.

The Top 10 Best Free SharePoint Add-Ins (Apps) From the Microsoft Store According to COMPAREX

The Top 10 Best Free SharePoint Add-Ins (Apps) From the Microsoft Store

Microsoft's SharePoint add-in offer is constantly expanding. To keep you up to date, we're keeping an eye on the Microsoft Office store. In this post, we'll introduce you to the best SharePoint add-ins (apps) and show what's new. A regular…

  • 10 August 2017
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Top 10 IT Acronyms That All IT Managers Should Know

API, PHP and VPN don’t ring a bell? Then you should definitely have a look at our list of common IT acronyms every IT manager should know.

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