Backing Up M365 Data

Mailbox Recovery Made Simple

Backing Up Your Data in Microsoft 365 - Mailbox Recovery Made Simple

People often wonder why they need a data backup plan at all. Well, the simple answer is – because data backup can save your (business) life. And honestly, many companies only implement a proper data backup and recovery strategy after they are hit by a massive data loss. However, it’s better to have a proactive plan in place to avoid these emergency scenarios altogether.

Customers tend to think that their data is backed up by Microsoft (as their cloud vendor) when speaking about storing data in certain environments like Microsoft Office 365 (now Microsoft 365). This is only partially true.

With this series we will walk you through some of the common use case scenarios that can put your business at a high risk for permanent data loss and how you can leverage a third-party backup and recovery solution to prevent your data from being lost forever. Today’s use case is all about mailbox recovery.

Beware of Backup Traps

You may have experienced this before: one of your colleagues has left the company and while you tried your best to manage the transition of his or her accounts, you suddenly need a specific conversation that your colleague had via e-mail a few weeks ago. However, because of the time lapse, you cannot access it.

Or, you saved a working draft of a document to SharePoint. As changes were made back and forth, you deleted your draft - but after a couple of weeks, you need this specific file for another project. And again, the file is gone and you cannot access the content anymore.

If you don’t have a backup solution in place, there is a high probability that you will never see the files again. Even for tenants where the data is still held with retention, you may find it almost impossible to recover files or folders without spending a lot of time and manual effort in the process.

Protect Your Greatest Assets From Loss with BackupSimple from SoftwareONE

Having a proper data backup solution in place can help you save time. With BackupSimple, you can easily recover your Office 365 data (now Microsoft 365) from a certain point in time rather than attempting to recover it via the Office 365 content or e-Discovery search. Additionally, recovering the data you need, whether it’s a single item or an entire folder, can be done quicker, and can even be recovered outside of the Office 365 environment which gives you flexibility and speed

In a world where data management is quickly becoming an active asset, SoftwareONE’s Managed Backup is the assurance every company needs to protect their critical data, digital assets, and revenue. Greater cloud adoption and increasingly complex cloud environments don’t make for an agile agenda but BackupSimple, with a centralized data backup platform, cuts through the complexity.

BackupSimple is a unified management solution that comes closer than any other in ensuring operational viability without having to worry about a complex patchwork of backup solutions.

The managed data backup provided by BackupSimple doesn’t require a large investment in infrastructure and other initial expenses. This gives small and mid-sized businesses a valuable leg up in their transformational journey, a way to compete with larger organizations, and greater ROI. That, in turn, can have an impact on the concept of backup which now starts to be viewed as something that delivers business value.

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