Fueling Education Continuity with Microsoft Teams

  • On-Demand

Higher Ed IT is under massive pressure to deliver a safe, seamless, fully scaleable, engaging learning experience during a pandemic – with fewer resources and in a hurried fashion. As they navigate this adaptive transformation, new opportunities and challenges present themselves: software upgrades, forced migration to a cloud or hybrid environment, upgrading existing PBX systems, data collection on engagement and adoption, unseen security risks, and the list goes on.  

Microsoft Teams is leading the charge when it comes to community, connection and secure collaboration. Employing Teams correctly and ensuring successful adoption is where SoftwareONE comes in. 

Watch this on-demand webinar as we dive into how Microsoft Teams fuels education continuity and how SoftwareONE has helped organizations like yours overcome the unique hurdles and pitfalls of today's ever-evolving educational landscape. We’ll cover:

  • Education continuity, in remote and hybrid learning environments
  • Benefits of future-ready communication and collaboration tools like Teams
  • Demonstration of community and connection
  • Areas of implementation to revisit post rapid transformation