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Strategic Moves to Win an IBM Audit Match

Strategic Moves to Win and IBM Audit Match

IBM spends in excess of $100M per year auditing hundreds of customers in North America alone. If IBM is auditing you, it is because they believe there is an issue. Given the decline in IBM revenues over the past several years, software audits have become far more important to the IBM revenue stream. IBM audit managers have conducted thousands of audits over time. Your experience with audits needs to match that of IBM in order to create a “level playing field”.

Your key takeaways from this webinar will focus on:

  • Average IBM customers in an audit face more than $25M in compliance liability.
  • Failure to meet all of IBM sub-capacity licensing rules accounts for the vast majority of audit findings.
  • You can’t turn the clock back 2-years to meet sub-capacity licensing requirements.
  • If you are not meeting the sub-capacity licensing requirements today, then you are facing huge financial exposures for the next two years.
  • Outside aid for an audit is the most critical factor to ensure the best possible outcome.