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Java - One Year Later, Now What?

Java - One Year Later, Now What?

It's been more than a year since Oracle changed how Java is licensed, distributed and supported. Over the course of the last 12 months, significant security and compliance risk implications are progressing, leaving many organizations in a reactive state. As you assess the impact of these changes, it is vital to assess your Java strategy.

During this webinar, we’ll address how to develop a Java strategy to properly license your environment and our approach to building a cost-effective strategy for the future.

We’ll cover:

  • Changes in the licensing structure and how to navigate
  • How to keep your Java estate secure from risks – especially with recent licensing changes
  • Java compliance strategy – be prepared for an Oracle audit
  • Options to move forward

If your organization is using Oracle Java, it is important to know what options you have to manage your Java footprint . Oracle Java licensing can be complex and challenging, but SoftwareONE is here to help.