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Your Remote Workforce

Supporting and Enabling with SoftwareONE

With more employees working remotely these days, many organizations are quickly realizing the challenges of enabling and supporting their virtual workforce while ensuring security and maintaining licensing compliance.

In this complex environment, SoftwareONE makes it simple for our customers to secure their business – now and beyond. Our experts will help you define a remote workforce strategy that ensures security and business continuity, and empowers you to react quickly to any new market developments.

Whether you need to enable your end users’ productivity and collaboration, deploy new software, understand your licensing posture or ensure organization-wide security, SoftwareONE will guide you along the way.

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Define your remote workforce strategy with SoftwareONE

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Software Advisory

Your most important asset aside from your people is the software you own. SoftwareONE works to ensure we bring our customers expertise, know-how and actionable advice on what works best for their current and future-state business needs across the top technology firms around the globe. We will help you understand your entitlements, inventory, and consumption of your software estate from on-premises to the cloud.

  • Microsoft Advisory (on-premise and cloud)
  • Adobe Advisory
  • Oracle Advisory (incl. Java)
  • IBM Advisory
  • Red Hat Advisory
  • SAP Advisory
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Collaboration & Voice

Collaboration and Voice modernizes traditional communication and collaboration among employees, executives, clients, and teams. A unified communications strategy allows your organization to complete tasks with ease in a single user interface. Users also gain advantages from more productive meetings and proactive, day-to-day communications, from anywhere, at any time. SoftwareONE works with you to bring together the right tools, processes, and people to ensure a long-term Unified Communications strategy. Save your company time and money, while increasing productivity and employee satisfaction.

  • Skype for Business & Microsoft Teams
    • Microsoft Teams Starter Kit
  • Office 365
  • Video Conferencing Solutions
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Remote Worker

Many organizations are asking their employees to work remotely – and if you find yourself abruptly in this situation, SoftwareONE can help ensure you have a remote environment that promotes communication, collaboration, and productivity. With options like Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) employers can ensure that the employee’s work environment is up to standards. Organizations that successfully mitigate short-term work from home challenges will create the foundation for a more productive workforce that can handle future disruptions to their physical workplace.

  • Remote Worker Readiness Assessment
  • Windows Virtual Desktop
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
  • Adoption & Change Management

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Securely transform end-user productivity and manage both company-owned and BYOD from the cloud. Put employees at the heart of the experience and connect them to applications, data, and content with a single identity from any device. SoftwareONE removes the complexity and will get you up and running immediately so that you can support your remote workforce with peace of mind.

  • VMware Workspace ONE
  • Microsoft Intune
  • Cisco Umbrella

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