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Transforming Education with Microsoft Teams

Transforming Education with Microsoft Teams
Thursday, August 6th @ 2 p.m. EST

Learning environments have rapidly evolved since the beginning of the year - and Microsoft Teams has been at the helm, enabling educators, students, faculty and staff to be connected regardless of circumstance. As IT professionals in the education field scrambled to build hybrid and remote learning solutions, Microsoft timely released a more robust, secure, and manageable version of Teams for Education, built to support the remote learning experience.

Join our webinar Thursday, August 6th as we dive into these new Teams for Education features and share our customer’s successes in speedily transforming their learning environments with the help of SoftwareONE.

We'll cover: 

  • The power and possibilities with Microsoft Teams
  • New education-specific features
  • Mobile device management
  • Security and privacy in Teams

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