Webinar on 29 July 2020
at 9:00 am to 10:00 EST

2020 Lessons Learned and Moving Forward

Survive – Reset – Thrive

How to Reset & Thrive – an Insightful Webinar With SoftwareONE Leaders

If the first half of 2020 was all about survival, the current focus is on resetting immediate priorities like controlling costs, managing cloud environments to become more agile, and ensuring a secure, stable working environment that spans both home and office.

As we take steps into the ‘new normal’, forward-thinking executives are planning ahead using the rapid shift to the cloud to adapt the future of their businesses to ensure they thrive.

Join SoftwareONE senior leaders for an informal discussion about the key trends they're seeing in the market, and what companies should be doing to prepare for this next phase of uncertainty.

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of employees who have left the company retain access to cloud resources

Osterman Research White Paper


of companies are still on-premise and don't know which workloads to move to cloud

IBM research 2019

$ 14 Billion

estimated wasted cloud spend in 2019, 2019