Case Study

SAP on Azure Provides the Platform for More Flexibility

Moving SAP to Azure Improves the IT Future

Flexibility and reduced cost were the business objectives in replacing an aging UNIX/Oracle platform running SAP. Without disruption, SoftwareONE’s SAP on Hyperscaler Cloud Services modernized and migrated the SAP landscape to Azure, providing the customer with a modern and flexible platform leveraging the latest Microsoft technologies.

  • Customer: International professional services company

  • Industry: Finance

  • Services & Solutions: SAP on Hyperscaler Cloud Services and PowerConnect for SAP and Splunk

About the Customer

This professional services firm operates a multinational consulting network and one of the biggest accounting firms globally.

The Challenge

The customer required a flexible and cost-effective solution to replace its end-of-life UNIX/Oracle landscape. Rather than merely moving SAP from HPUX/Oracle to Windows and SQL Server, the customer wanted to improve performance, leverage new technologies, and achieve a lower TCO.

The Solution

SoftwareONE created a plan to address the customer’s challenges and opportunities. SoftwareONE designed and executed a solution that provides the business with a modern and flexible platform to help fuel future success. Delivering over a four-month schedule, SoftwareONE Services:

  • Moved non-production SAP systems from on-premises to Microsoft Azure
  • Eliminated the need to purchase new servers and storage while providing instant and elastic provisioning.
  • Converted SAP BW cubes from Btree tables and indexes to SQL Server Column Store
  • Delivered performance gains and storage efficiency that allowed the customer to terminate the expensive SAP Business Warehouse Accelerator and provide relief from management difficulties in cloud and hosted data centers.
  • Updated SAP to run on high-performance, low cost 2 socket Intel commodity servers while virtualizing both the database servers and application servers with Windows Hyper-V.
  • Deployed world-class Disaster Recovery (DR) technologies based on Azure Site Recovery to replicate the Virtual production Machines to Azure.

Benefits & Outcome

  • The entire SAP landscape has been migrated to Azure without disruption to business operation
  • The SAP solution now operates on a modern, flexible platform that takes advantage of the best of new technologies
  • Elimination of the aged UNIX/Oracle platform provides a platform for the future that cuts costs and utilizes up-to-date Microsoft technologies with features and functionality that successfully advance business objectives

SAP on Hyperscaler Cloud

SoftwareONE accompanies customers on their journey to SAP on cloud. By leveraging certified and seasoned experts and a factory-based, automated SAP workload migration service, SoftwareONE reduces complexity and risk to lead to successful outcomes.


PowerConnect for SAP and Splunk

PowerConnect for SAP & Splunk provides insight through predictive analytics of the SAP IT & security operations, as well as business data in real-time.


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