Optimizing IT Operations with AWS

Case Study

Optimizing IT Operations with AWS

Optimizing IT Operations with AWS

A Southeast Asia Bank Gained a Scalable & Secure Infrastructure with AWS and SoftwareONE Managed Cloud

This Southeast Asia bank needed cloud application deployments, including a new development environment, in very tight timelines. Based on SoftwareONE’s cloud advisory the bank chose “AWS Landing Zone," which helped to set up a cloud environment with enhanced security and consistent compliance. Combined with cloud management outsourcing to SoftwareONE including cloud spend management based on PyraCloud services, the bank has accelerated its ability to develop innovative digital banking products and grow its business.

“Under very demanding time constraints, SoftwareONE consultants demonstrated their professionalism and deep expertise. They helped us to quickly establish new and essential applications using Amazon Web Services as an effective cloud foundation.”

Bank Vice President

The Project

  • Customer: Southeast Asia Bank

  • Industry: Finance, Banking

  • Solution: Implementation of AWS Landing Zone, continuing Managed Cloud service for AWS environment including PyraCloud services for cloud spend management

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About the Customer

Belonging to a leading banking group of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), the Thailand-based bank serves as a gateway for clients to access universal financial and investment solutions including trade finance, credit facilities, and international money transfers. The banking group also has an extensive retail branch network with more than 1,000 branches across the region and about 36,000 employees located in 14 countries covering ASEAN and the UK.

The Challenge

As digitization has transformed the bank industry, new opportunities have advanced for faster market response and customization through smart data analytics and AI. Growing bank business requires a focus on delivery of digital banking products that best meet customer needs.

The bank wanted IT to focus on driving product innovations. IT needed a partner to advise on cloud technology and solutions, and to help manage the advanced cloud environment.

SoftwareONE was engaged to help the bank deploy two new applications in very tight timelines, including setting up a new development environment in less than a week.

The Solution

The SoftwareONE Amazon Web Services consulting team proposed a cloud solution that would provide the bank a scalable development environment that met its tight timelines. The new design also met essential requirements for security, compliance, and resource sharing.

Using the AWS Landing Zone, SoftwareONE quickly facilitated the project following AWS best practices to promptly set up a secure, multi-account AWS environment. This design also eases inter and intra-organizational governance and addresses core security, development, and IT goals creating a solid foundation for future DevOps initiatives. Moreover, SoftwareONE ensured the bank’s team understood how to manage, and continue to extend their successful cloud deployment. Skills transfer was part of the overall project for the bank's development, IT, and security teams. Keeping the bank's focus on innovative digital banking products needs to empower its technical staff to work on new projects. SoftwareONE took over the management of the bank's cloud environment based on SoftwareONE’s Managed Cloud services that also includes cloud spend management based on SoftwareONE PyraCloud platform.

The Result

  • The AWS implementation by SoftwareONE has provided multiple benefits to the bank, including the time savings of automated provisioning.
  • Adoption was simplified and accelerated through structured knowledge transfer.
  • Managed Cloud services have provided staff the time to focus on core business priorities.
  • Simpler administration has improved development operations, and security while PyraCloud has helped control cloud expenses.

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