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Steve Gahr

Steve Gahr

Steve Gahr

Practice Lead – SAP License Advisory Services

Publisher Advisory | SAP


SAP LAW and Considerations to Minimize Audit Exposure, Risk, and Unbudgeted Expenses

Customers must ensure their SAP systems are maintained and optimized to minimize the risk of being confronted by SAP with additional license fees. Learn how to avoid these risks.

Taking Control of Your SAP Software Costs

Taking Control of Your SAP Software Costs

Changes in SAP licensing agreements and the resulting confusion regarding pricing are ongoing trends. Learn how IT teams can optimize SAP expenses to get the most out of their investments.

Highlights of SoftwareONEs SAP Advisory Services

Highlights of SoftwareONE’s SAP Advisory Services

Uncover the complexities of managing the SAP software estate and provides guidance on standard and advanced advisory support services for SAP.

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