Tech News: IT Insights in December

What Has Been Going on in the World of IT?

IT Insights in December

IT Insights in December: What Has Been Going on in the World of IT

What’s been happening in the tech and vendor world in December? We compiled the latest vendor news and trending topics of the past month. It takes just a few minutes to stay up to date in the world of IT.

Vendor News

Adobe launches AI tools to track omni-channel, spot anomalies quicker.

AWS Security Hub integrates with AWS Audit Manager for simplified security posture management.

IBM and Electrolux collaborate to use AI to enhance customer experiences.

IBM creates knowledgeable NLP system and adds AI governance capabilities to Watson.

IBM and AWS collaborate on security for hybrid cloud.

Microsoft launches SmartNoise Early Adopter Acceleration Program for more differential privacy to enhance privacy and security tools.

Red Hat and GitHub collaborate to expand the Developer Experience on Red Hat OpenShift with GitHub Actions.

SAP shares HANA, Data Warehouse Cloud announcements, year-end plans.

SAP announces Cloud-Based Time Tracking Solution to simplify HR processes and enhance employee experience.

SoftwareONE News

SoftwareONE has partnered with the FinOps Foundation and we are a FinOps Certified Service Provider (FCSP) as well as a FinOps Certified Platform (FCP) via PyraCloud. Read more about this certification and Cloud Financial Management.

The Microsoft licensing landscape continues to be complex, and as a result our Microsoft Advisory Services have recently gotten a facelift. Read more

When IT, Finance, and the C-Suite get together in the same room, the conversation tends to be extremely valuable in terms of strategically planning how to optimize cloud spend. Our blog “Strengthening Your Strategy through FinOps” discusses why having a Cloud Maturity Assessment is a crucial part of any organization's strategic plan, and how our Cloud FinOps Diagnostic Service helps deliver against that plan.

Tech News

TechRepublic lists 4 Business Intelligence and Analytics Tools to position your company as a leader in 2021.

PwC Survey: How to navigate the Top 5 AI Trends facing your Business in 2021.

Degreed Report “The State of Skills: Endangered Skills 2021”: Tech workers not getting the upskilling they need in the pandemic.

Gartner identifies the Top Trends impacting Infrastructure and Operations in 2021.

TechRepublic predicts Microsoft's new collaborative development process for SharePoint and machine learning-based knowledge management systems to transform corporate data into knowledge.

Deloitte predicts in its 2021 Global Human Capital Trends Survey that the coming year will feature radical Workplace Changes around the world.

ZDNet: Automation is taking jobs away. Low-code and no-code tools could create new ones

ZDNet on Legacy IT: Here comes your next cloud-computing headache.

.tech Domains IT Leader Survey: How Remote Work will evolve in 2021.

TechRepublic Interview with Dr. Danda Rawat: AI and ML can bolster Cybersecurity, and vice versa.

Salesforce Survey reveals four strategies define by chief customer officers on how to connect with customers in the next normal.

Looking for More Insights?

SoftwareONE in partnership with CIO Connect, a global think tank, has joined together to give you intimate conversations on multidimensional views of what’s going on in the C-Suite world.

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