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Manage Your SAP Business Critical Applications in the Hyperscaler Cloud

Managing SAP Critical Workloads in the Public Cloud

Many organizations are preparing to take the plunge into the Hyperscaler cloud to enjoy its profound flexibility, operational and financial benefits, including moving information from on-premise SAP deployments into the public cloud like Microsoft Azure or AWS. But for many, there’s significant hesitation around migrating and managing significant parts of their workloads to the public cloud – SAP Critical Workloads.

Critical workloads describe applications that are essential to the operation of your business such as Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERP). If these workloads are managed improperly, your business operations could be significantly impaired costing your organization. The average of having unplanned downtime cost of a Fortune-500 company $10,000 per minute.

Unfortunately, it’s challenging and expensive for organizations to efficiently and effectively manage critical workloads on their own. Companies often need to expand the size of their IT team to cover new technology demand, so it’s difficult for them for manage and plan their capacity needs in advance. For companies with internal IT teams, questions arise regarding how to train and get them appropriately certified for SAP on the Public Cloud. An experienced partner can ease this burden so your internal IT management can focus away from keeping the lights on to more value adding activities including enabling the business strategy and formulating the corresponding IT strategy. Let’s discuss the common challenges IT teams face in regard to managing critical SAP workloads and see what is needed to resolve those challenges.

Challenges with Managing Critical Workloads

There are a lot of challenges and pressing questions involved with managing critical workloads on a Hyperscaler platforms like Azure or AWS. Some of these questions include:

  • How can I efficiently and effectively manage/ plan my capacity needs in-house to run my SAP landscape?
  • Which tools can I leverage to optimize my cloud consumption, secure and monitor the entire SAP landscape, in order to minimize un-planned downtime through advanced big data and predictive analytics?
  • How can I effectively hire the best resources to address my SAP technology platform needs?
  • How can I consolidate my key vendors to support my critical and other workloads in the cloud?
  • How can I safely predict and optimize my spend on people, automation, and tooling as well as move from a CAPEX to OPEX model?

These questions are commonly discussed amongst IT teams taking care of SAP Landscapes. Whilst Public Cloud technology is not new, it only matured for commercial viability of SAP systems in recent years. Hence not every in-house IT professional has all the skills and experience required to ensure optimal and efficient operations of your business critical systems on the public cloud.

However, the benefits of migrating your critical workloads are too great to ignore. On a Hyperscaler cloud platform like Azure or AWS, you can right-size essential workloads to meet rising or falling demand, allowing you to automatically and easily optimize infrastructure and cloud consumption costs. This is essential to creating a more agile, future-proof organization.

Getting Help through SAP Platform Managed Services

While organizations can choose to hire in-house experts to manage their SAP critical workloads, managed services are regarded as one of the best ways to ensure your critical workloads are handled properly. SAP Platform Managed Services from SoftwareONE allow businesses to work with SAP Consultants specializing in Hyperscaler technologies in a cost-effective way, ensuring you have all your bases covered when it comes to entrusting the operations and maintenance of your SAP Landscape in the public cloud.

SoftwareONE offers a three-tiered SAP Platform Managed Services offering that is tailored to your specific needs, SAP Landscape, Business and IT Strategy, plus offer flexibility in terms of additional OnDemand Services to cope with peak requirements during your operations.

At SoftwareONE, our priority is to help you unlock business value in your existing SAP investments and maximize your next-generation S/4HANA solutions. We strongly believe that our portfolio helps you to manage and monitor SAP on Hyperscaler cloud, making sure you can optimize spend, increase agility, and security so you can focus more on innovation and new opportunities.

We offer resource planning aligned with different sets of innovation and capacity assessment to optimize resourcing and spending leveraging state-of-the-art tooling and best practices managed by our highly skilled SAP consultants. Additionally, our SAP Platform Managed Services provide you transparency into platform, operations, and service level management related costs.

Continuous, automated monitoring, and alerting are crucial functions for a properly managed SAP environment. For that we created monitorSimple© adding preventive measures, such as insight through predictive analytics of the SAP IT & security operations, as well as business data in real-time. This ensures maximum up-time, peak performance operations, and business continuity for your mission critical SAP landscape.

Final Thoughts

Critical workloads are essential to running your business – which is why transitioning them to the cloud and managing them in there is rife with significant benefits and drawbacks. Thankfully, with the right managed service provider, you’ll be able to mitigate drawbacks and maximize your benefits.

SAP Platform Managed Service from SoftwareONE is a set of services designed and built to support you to run and manage your SAP systems on the public cloud. This is underpinned by modern IT Ops methodologies and unique management tooling such as monitorSimple© and PyraCloud. This allows us to provide top-of-the-line support for any business interested in the cloud, regardless of the level of complexity in your SAP environment or critical workloads.

SoftwareONE strives to be a white-glove SAP Platform Managed Services provider for demanding customers migrating and wanting to manage critical workloads on the Hyperscaler cloud. We have a customer-obsessed team and methodology that puts customer satisfaction and their desired outcomes first through our world-class tooling and expertise.

Additionally, our team has been recognized by Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, and SAP as providing leading services, giving us a unique position to better optimize your SAP deployments in the public cloud.

Manage SAP Business Critical Applications in the Hyperscaler Cloud

SAP Platform Managed Service is our customer-oriented service, providing a white-glove experience, leveraging our own IP including monitorSimple© and Pyracloud with dedicated Technical Landscape and SAP Service Success Managers. Get in touch with us to find out how SoftwareONE can help you manage your critical workloads.

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