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SoftwareONE’s Method to Employee Success While Working From Home

SoftwareONE’s Method to Employee Success While Working From Home



Competitive, high-achieving, optimistic individuals who revel in taking care of our customers, colleagues, families, and friends.

The Challenge – Finding a New Work-Life Harmony During Covid-19

When the pandemic hit, SoftwareONE successfully pivoted to a work from home model in 48 hours. We made this quick change for a few reasons, but the key driving factor was to ensure necessary support and guidance for our employees – our SWOmies – as well as our customers.

At SoftwareONE, we believe that continuous investment into our employees professional and personal lives helps us to create a work culture that enables a positive work-life harmony – both in and out of the office. This culture is what encourages the growth of our company. Unfortunately, when 100% of our employees, along with billions of others around the world, were required to work from home at the drop of a dime, this harmony was temporarily thrown off its axis.

With this abrupt change, we expected and anticipated many would find challenges in this new way of living and working. We feared that meetings would take over our calendars, several would experience video fatigue, those who had children would struggle to work while home-schooling, and employees would find their work-life harmony in distress.

The Solution – Succeed While Working from Home “Hacks”

In order to support our employees during this transition, and into the work from home future, we developed a set of “Succeed From Home” battlecards with tips and tricks to help increase productivity, give SWOmies time back in their work day, and to begin to instate a new style of work-life harmony.

Each of our four battlecards focuses on a different area of work to “hack” and offers small changes you can make to regain time in your day in order to better take care of yourself, to lower stress and tension, to give back to our families, and of course, more time to gain and serve our customers.

Below are links to each of our “Succeed From Home” battlecards and we invite you to download any or all of them. It is our pleasure to share our hacks with you and hope you find great value in them. One word of advice we’d like to share - get everyone to buy in and use all of the hacks to see maximum results. To do this, you must lead the change management, communications, and accountability work in your org.

- Control Your Time
- Respect Other People’s Time
- Control Your Calendar
- Use Meeting Time Effectively

The Progress – How Our “Hacks” Are Making A Difference

In the time that we’ve been using the tips and tricks to enhance our daily lives as employees, we have seen the major effect it has had on work efficiency and moral. Here’s what some of our SWOmies have had to say:

Lindsay Roussel

Utilizing the principles of this week has given me time to breathe between meetings. I’ve had 5-10 minutes between meetings to be able to get up, stretch, grab a drink or a bio break. I’ve actually had lunch most days, which is usually pretty hard for me. I’m also scheduling 25/50 minutes meetings with my customers and explaining our philosophy, and they all agree it’s a great idea!

Sales Team Lead

David Tidwell

These tools are already helping mentally, emotionally, and of course, with productivity. Thank you!

Practice Lead

Russ Eicholtz

Getting time back can be difficult these days Having the willingness to adjust meetings, delegate, and focus on where you are truly needed, enables the ability to gain some time back – to take breaks, get up, take a breath, and reflect. I’ve personally gained 2.5 hours back a week using these simple hacks.

SLM Managed Services – Team Lead

Supporting Our Employees So They Can Support You

Your success is our success, and we can't reach either of those goals without providing the right tools for our employees. With our succeed from home' hacks,' we have enabled our employees to provide seamless support for our customers. Reach out today to learn more about how we can help you begin your digital journey.

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