Oracle Hyperion

Oracle Hyperion

What Is Included In Your License?

Oracle Hyperion: Do You Know What Is Included In Your License?

Sometimes it may be difficult to understand how to license the different Oracle programs required to use your Oracle Hyperion application. Especially when it is not very clear what is included in your license. Hyperion software licenses come with additional software components, services and requirements with every new version release. Before installing and configuring your Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) system, it is important to understand what specific requirements you have. If you are not aware of those prerequisites, you may not notice what products may be automatically installed and configured with your Hyperion EPM software.

How Does it Work?

If you want to start using the Oracle Hyperion programs, you would normally access this page to download the required software. As part of this download process, certain additional software components are downloaded with the Hyperion software itself. During the installation and configuration of the Hyperion software programs, you need to make sure that only the required specific software components are installed and/or configured. Many end users are not aware of this and just install and/or configure all the software components they got as a result of the download. Therefore, if they realize the error during or after the installation, they will be required to uninstall the software and start the configuration from the very first step.

WebLogic Server

This happens also with WebLogic Server Enterprise Edition. Typically, when installing the Hyperion EPM System version 11 and above, the WebLogic Server Standard Edition is automatically installed and configured. WebLogic Server Standard Edition implements Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) technologies and services which include servlets, JSP Pages, Enterprise JavaBeans, access to standard network protocols, database systems and messaging systems. Therefore, the installation of Hyperion comes with usage for both, WebLogic Server Enterprise Edition and J2EE.

Oracle provides a limited-use license of WebLogic Server Standard Edition that can be used for your deployed Hyperion EPM products only. This restricted right may also be used to host J2EE or Java application logic that is distributed as part of your Hyperion application. The restricted-use right to WebLogic Server Standard Edition may be directly included within your Hyperion license or in the Hyperion Foundation Services software. Despite the right to make use of Hyperion Shared Services or Hyperion Workspace, for example, Hyperion Foundation Service provides you also with access to Oracle WebLogic Server Standard Edition for running the Hyperion applications only and, in addition, allows you to host J2EE or Java application logic.

Next time you are doing a check of your middleware components installation or Java usage, do not forget to verify the deployment of your Hyperion software as well. You should pay special attention if you own licenses under the old Hyperion System 9 license model. Such license model (as obtained from Hyperion before Oracle acquired Hyperion) does not include the right to make use of Oracle WebLogic (and, as such, Java Standard Edition programs). Given the current change from Oracle with regards to delivery of support patches of Java release 8 going forward only to licensed customers, this is a risk that you should pay attention to. Avoiding this kind of risks is something we can help you with.

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