VMware Cloud Foundation: Virtualization and Hybrid Cloud in One Complete Package

VMware Cloud Foundation

Virtualization and Hybrid Cloud in One Complete Package

VMware Cloud Foundation: Virtualization and Hybrid Cloud in One Complete Package

  • 06 October 2020
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As a modern hybrid cloud platform, the VMware Cloud Foundation ( VCF ) offers a complete package of software-defined solutions. This means that the virtualization for compute known from vSphere is also applied to storage and network and is combined with security and cloud management.

Applications can be executed as virtual machines or in containers in both private and public cloud infrastructures. As a result, VCF drastically simplifies the path to the hybrid cloud by offering a single comprehensive solution that can be managed uniformly and automatically.

VMware Cloud Foundation

What Problem Does VCF Solve?

In a word: complexity. In the beginning, server virtualization was a way of simplifying IT infrastructures and adding intelligent functions that brought added value in the form of less administrative effort, more agility and increased reliability. But with the transition from the classic data center to more complex private, hybrid or public clouds, these advantages gradually fell by the wayside. Cloud Foundation is VMware's approach to simplifying this complexity with new intelligent functions and automation. It is the finished blueprint for a modern IT architecture that combines the established VMware solutions on one platform.

Simplified Administration

Cloud Foundation allows data center administrators to deploy applications and services quickly as they no longer have to wait for storage or network resources to be made available. By merging all components, the administrative silos that often arise in the data center are eliminated. With the integrated SDDC Manager, the configuration and provisioning of these components is done with just a few clicks which significantly reduces the administrative effort.

The integration of vSphere and vSAN makes it possible to use flash arrays in a server, to build a virtual SAN from these arrays and to combine them directly in vSphere. By integrating vSphere and NSX, Cloud Foundation enables micro-segmentation to be used to pin security policies directly to applications, thus completely decoupling workloads from the infrastructure. On one hand, this increases security, portability and scalability and, on the other hand, it makes it possible to choose the right basis for every workload - locally or in the cloud.

VMware Cloud Foundation offers you a completely designed, future-proof architecture that meets the most modern requirements. On the basis of proven VMware technologies and with automation over the entire IT lifecycle, VCF paves the way to hybrid cloud environments and reduces administrative costs.

5 Good Reasons for Using VCF

1. Most of the workloads are still running on premises

Many organizations already use public clouds. However, the bulk of the workloads are still running locally. A hybrid cloud is therefore a common platform for using existing tools and processes. Any workload can be managed regardless of where it is operated. With a hybrid environment, you can take advantage of the cloud while maintaining existing local resources using a unified operating model.

2. In-house developments are time-consuming and cost-intensive

Typically, it takes time-consuming and expensive development to create a central architecture that encompasses different clouds. There can be months between design, testing, configuration, and deployment. In order to drastically simplify the path to the hybrid cloud and keep expenses low, VMware's Cloud Foundation is a dynamic, software-defined infrastructure that can be rolled out quickly.

3. The total cost of ownership is critical

Initial investments in new technology are only part of the equation. It is important to consider ongoing expenses and other aspects of the total cost of ownership. The automation and simplification across the entire IT life cycle greatly simplify administration with VCF and reduce operating costs in the long term.4. IT departments need to plan for the future now

Digital Transformation has changed the way we work. IT, therefore, needs the flexibility to be able to implement new approaches quickly and to be ready for future requirements. Cloud Foundation is fully prepared for virtualization management and containers - whether you need them now or in the future.

5. Maximum security has become indispensable

The awareness for IT security is higher than ever. VCF offers well-engineered and very robust network and security services with the ability to effectively secure any workload - from micro-segmentation to data encryption. The firewall included was specially developed for use on distributed infrastructures.

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