Transformation Ready for 2027

Your Timeline for SAP S/4HANA

Your Timeline for SAP S/4HANA – Transformation Ready for 2027

While different organizations have different motivations for migrating to SAP S/4HANA, the common denominator is the need to find new, inventive ways of doing business in order to accelerate growth and productivity. S/4HANA is the next generation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and the most recent in a long line of SAP ERP releases.

Transitioning to this program can be a massive undertaking, but in order to gain the benefits of access to real-time business data and change the way decisions are made, customers are engaged, and operations are simplified, organizations must start thinking about their migration path today.

Your Roadmap to S/4HANA

Fundamentally, there are three different approaches to get to the end of the road with S/4HANA. While all approaches ultimately result in the same outcome, each path will have different opportunities and degrees of change and will require different costs and durations. This is where you come to a fork in the road – do you start your transition to S/4HANA now or wait until you are ready?

Your options include:

  1. Stay on Mainstream Support for ECC through 2030
    If an organization decides they are not prepared to migrate to S/4HANA by 2027 and wants to stay on Mainstream Support ECC, they can choose to pay for extended support through 2030.
    • Upside – more time on ECC to prepare for transition to S/4HANA
    • Downside – you pay a premium (22% to 32% on support) from 2027 through 2030

  2. Migrate to S/4HANA (Brownfield Migration)
    With this option, organizations take what they currently have on ECC and migrate it to S/4HANA.
    • Upside – up to 90% cheaper, you can adopt a scrum or agile approach after the upgrade to deploy S/4HANA native capabilities, and less change management will be required
    • Downside – comes with some risk and will need to expect some things to break that can eventually be fixed during the process

  3. Re-implement (Greenfield Migration)
    Choosing to go down the re-implementation route means that organizations will start over from scratch. For some organizations, this will significantly disrupt business for a period of time, but will offer a multitude of benefits once all is said and done.
    • Upside – this is an opportunity to introduce a new operating model, business process, and data model, and you get the opportunity to take full advantage of S/4HANA’s new features
    • Downside – significant re-implementation cost, high degree of organization/change management impact, and significant effort to re-implement (configure, move data, and validate)

In any scenario, the road leads to a transition to S/4HANA. The only differences are how long you take to get there, the cost of your transition, and deciding on the best transition path for your organization.

SoftwareONE’s Approach to S/4HANA

As a result of adopting this program, your operations will become more efficient and have better insights into their business. With SoftwareONE to guide you, you can ensure your migration or re-implementation will be met with speed and customer focus at the forefront.

Whether you are pursuing a full migration or re-implementation, the process begins with an on-sight visit to complete a comprehensive assessment. If re-implementing, we will help build an execution plan to help you achieve your goals. For a migration, we will work to create a thorough proof of concept (POC). Once created, we execute a trial run of our POC in the cloud and then complete the upgrade. From there, we give you a full breakdown of what your migration would look like, what might break and how to fix it, and how to train your employees to use this new system. These are tried and true processes that ensure a smooth transition and are derived from the successful migrations and implementations of various other SoftwareONE customers.

Many organizations are seeking to revamp their core systems to gain access to real-time business data and fundamentally change the way they make decisions, engage customers, and simplify operations, but it all starts with a plan, a process, and a price. Contact us today, and let SoftwareONE assist your organization with your journey to a more efficient and effective way of working with your data.

Plan Your Journey to SAP S/4HANA

Choosing the right path to S/4HANA may come with questions and uncertainty, but SoftwareONE can help you make a choice that‘s best for your organization. Join our upcoming webinar to learn about your options, their pros and cons, and strategic considerations when moving to S/4HANA in the Cloud.

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