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Data Modernization in a Day

Migrating Your Existing Data Platform to the Cloud

Data Modernization in a Day

Microsoft is currently working with partners who have a reliable and robust data migration practice as part of their worldwide Data Modernization in a Day campaign to enable customers to migrate their existing data platforms to the cloud. This campaign's primary focus is on the value and process of migrating applications and databases to Azure. SoftwareONE was recently chosen to deliver this information based on our experience and knowledge with Microsoft Data Platform products and services and also their Cloud Adoption Framework.

Why Migrate Data to the Cloud

The first step to cloud adoption is understanding your business motivations for moving to the cloud. In today's environment, three reasons customers are considering shifting data to the cloud are for optimizing costs, reducing management, and mitigating risks. However, there is also value found in enabling innovation by leveraging the cloud data and AI capabilities, which can be done by removing the constraints of legacy platforms. In some scenarios, we understand that those legacy platforms are still necessary. However, options are available to get those applications and data to the cloud to gain the same benefits without affecting the system and negatively impacting the business.

A Spotlight on Our Data Platform and Analytics Team

Last month, SoftwareONE had the privilege of presenting Microsoft's Data Modernization in a Day workshop in two locations, Edina, MN and Irving, TX, with one more presentation to be done in Trinidad and Tobago. The workshop is a deep-dive, interactive exploration of how to migrate applications and databases to the cloud and is being delivered by our North America Data Platform and Analytics Team Lead, Nigel Sammy.

Nigel has been a Microsoft Data Platform MVP for the last eight years and has over eighteen years of technical experience. Fifteen of these years have focused on Data, Database, Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics. With the opportunity from Microsoft and surrounded by his experience and mature team of experts, Nigel is helping customers recognize the value of migrating data to the cloud and showing them the tools and methods available to achieve it.

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