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A Strong Heartbeat: Office 365 F1 for Firstline Workers

The women and men operating at the front line of a company all have one thing in common: Usually they don’t have their own computer workstation, so corporate management has a tendency to overlook their digital transformation needs. However, it’s important to remember that they represent the brand, solve customer problems and keep an attentive eye on the products and services. So you see: These employees are absolutely crucial – and with Office 365 F1 they can become part of the digitization process. We’ll show you how!

On the Front Line – Making Your Presence Felt & Achieving Outstanding Results

If you consider your personal health for a moment, how would you like it to be? No doubt you will want a strong, healthy heart, beating within the right parameters, blood pressure showing perfect values and a pulse that reflects your inner calm and serenity. To ensure that your company catches the customer’s eye with these healthy vital signs and, in a figurative sense, continues to blossom and grow, you need to ensure that all your staff can participate in digital processes –particularly the Firstline Workers.

Connecting Firstline Workers with their Team

Firstline workers frequently operate in a separate environment to their team and the rest of the company. This can lead to a lack of information exchange and overall communication, which leads in turn to an erosion of trust between the various stakeholders. A better solution would be to ensure that you quickly compare the company’s proprietary expertise and new insights with the knowledge of your Firstline Workers to ensure that information is available to everyone concerned. Your employees on the ground need to be able to make the right decisions competently and with a due degree of certainty. Regrettably, though, communication within the teams and company is – to put it mildly – less than ideal in many scenarios. Critical information reaches the recipients far too slowly, with unacceptable delays or not at all. In the best case scenario, the lines of communication from the company management to the first row employees are way too long, and in the worst case, do not exist at all. In these instances it is impossible to implement instructions consistently. Not to mention the training, onboarding and schedules that need to be considered or the tasks that require quick assignment and distribution. Other compounding factors include obsolete technology and shared devices or identities. None of these factors even remotely satisfy modern security standards.

Efficient Management of Knowledge Transfer

Office 365 F1 and StaffHub let you create, update and manage all relevant workflows from almost any location by mobile device or web application. Tracking work progress, completing forms and automating routine tasks in your team become child’s play. You can assign jobs in real time, economize workflows and deploy your resources ideally. Microsoft StaffHub is your go-to solution for employees in services and production.

Using SharePoint to Integrate and Train New Staff

Course materials, dynamic contents to suit various job descriptions, or training videos: onboarding and training your staff has never been this easy. SharePoint and Sway enable simple onboarding processes. You are also able to communicate workflows immediately and across all platforms. You can:

  • respond quickly to service requests and updates
  • manage and archive company knowledge at a central location
  • collaborate on developing new ideas and solutions

Yammer and Skype for Business – Using Knowledge Across all Team Members

Problems sometimes occur when your employees need to access expert knowledge at short notice. Yammer or Skype for Business are great ways to obtain direct and immediate feedback from team members in specific departments. Issues can be clarified easily in real-time chat and Skype for Business online conferences on virtually any device, letting you use dynamic and agile methods to foster team cohesion. You can share documents, announcements and videos or post best practices on team websites. Secure communication is guaranteed in all of this – naturally on any device. You can:

  • coordinate decentral teams from a central location
  • broadcast interactive staff meetings
  • set up specialist communities
  • share best practices enterprise-wide

Identity and Access Management

Office 365 F1 gives you a secure environment to monitor the digital identities of your employees and how they are accessed. Your IT admins have overarching access control to Office 365, while team leaders can restrict or expand the size of project groups to meet requirements as well. Are you using a personal or company device? It doesn’t matter. You will have the same features for identity management and control. And it’s just as easy as it sounds. You can:

  • guarantee identity-based protection across all platforms
  • access company applications in a secure environment
  • satisfy new regulations under labor law

What’s more? Office 365 F1 can help to implement the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as quickly as possible.

Simple Licensing with the Office 365 F1 Plan

The idea of connecting individual teams or groups to the company’s digital infrastructure is frequently thwarted by the cost. What’s more, Firstline Workers do not need the entire range of functions like Office 365. So the Office 365 F1 Plan is built around the principle of needs-based licensing, which makes it an excellent choice. It provides the opportunity to accommodate the requirements of the various Firstline Workers, while minimizing license costs and focusing on what is truly essential: A strong heartbeat in the front row!

The Office 365 F1 Plan apps:

  • Microsoft StaffHub, Teams and Outlook
  • Microsoft Office-Online, SharePoint, Sway und Yammer
  • Microsoft Stream, Flow and PowerApps
  • Skype for Business and OneDrive for Business

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