Get updated about Autodesk

Get updated about Autodesk

wednesday 22 June
10.00 AM

Get updated about Autodesk

  • 22 June 2022 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Are you fully aware of the rules for legal Autodesk software use? In a short period of time Autodesk has made a lot of changes in the license structure which can make it hard to keep up. Think of the transition from perpetual licenses to subscriptions, but also the addition of the Premium Plan, the new Flex Plan and the global travel rights.

We also see that organizations are increasingly approached by Autodesk for a Compliance Audit. As a customer of Autodesk you are, based on the license agreement, obliged to cooperate. The purpose of this audit is to check if the Autodesk licenses are used legally and in the right way. When illegal use of the Autodesk licenses is detected, it can lead to heavy fines. 

Because the rules about the use of Autodesk software are not clear for many organizations, Monica Mekking, Jolan Paauw and Leon Wauters organize an Autodesk webinar on Wednesday June 22nd. During this webinar they will explain these changes and they will help you to get informed about all the new possibilities within Autodesk.

Subjects that will be discussed are, amongst others:

  • Which license model fits best?
  • How do I get insight in the use of the Autodesk products?
  • Changes within Autodesk.
  • How do I use my Autodesk software in the right way?
  • What does the premium plan, flex plan and the global travel rights exactly mean?