Work From Home Guide

Work From Home Guide

Setting Up Your Workspace

Work From Home Guide Part I: Setting up Your Workspace

For years, organizations have been using software offerings from providers like Microsoft to facilitate remote work. There are quite a few reasons for the rise in remote work – sickness, injuries, increasing traffic, or long-distance employees, to name a few. However, since the beginning of 2020, more and more organizations everywhere are having to mandate remote work for the foreseeable future – even when they have no existing guidelines or best practices to assist employees in working from home. One must adapt to keep the business up and running.

However, businesses must create these standards sooner rather than later. During the next few months, employees and upper level management will fully understand the utility of remote work. This will propel working from home into being a much more standard practice in modern societies around the globe.

When most of your workforce begins working from home for the first time, a small drop in productivity is to be expected. This cannot continue in the long term, however. Leadership must take control of their employee’s work from home practices and ensure they can telecommute as effectively as possible.

In part one of this guide, we will make sure your employees are choosing the right workspaces, while ensuring they have the tools and services required to work remotely. Let’s take a closer look at what your employees need to work from home.

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John De Los Reyes

John De Los Reyes

Practice Lead - Technology

John is a Unified Communications and Productivity expert. Currently, he serves as the Global Practice Lead - Future Workplace at SoftwareONE. In this role, he helps companies find a flexible approach to address their unique challenges when merging their technology strategy with their commercial and compliance needs.

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