how analytics changed sports


How analytics changed sports forever

How analytics changed sports forever

Big data is increasingly influential in the way we live our lives. But how did analytics pick up steam? One of the earliest adopters was the world of sports. Let’s consider the evolution of analytics in sports and compare it to the growth of big data in the world of business. Take that for data!

11 data-entries that shook the world of sports

Baseball 1859 The birth of the box score Journalist Henry Chadwick created the first-ever box score for a baseball game in Brooklyn.
Football 1950 The first analytics consultant RAF Wing Commander Charles Reep starts manually keeping track and analyzing over 2,200 football games.
Football 1998 Harnessing the power of computers Football club Derby County is the first customer of Prozone – a sports data software solution.
Baseball 2003 Taking data to another level Michael Lewis’ bestseller Moneyball popularizes data-driven decision making in sports.
All Sports 2006 A meeting of the mindsl Daryl Morey and Jessica Gelman organize the first MIT Sloan conference to discuss the role of analytics in sports.
Tennis 2007 Data-oriented hardware Babolat launches a tennis racket that tracks your actions and analyzes your performance.
Basketball 2011 Every move counts 25 times per second – that is how often players’ actions and movements are captured by SportsVU’s six-camera system.
Golf 2013 Take that stroke of your game Software that measures the angle and speed with which you hit golf balls – SwingSmart makes sports analytics available to amateurs
Formula 1 2014 The entire Library of Congress in 1 day All F1 race teams combined to gather 243 terabytes of data during the U.S Grand Prix in Texas. Each car is equipped with hundreds of sensors.
American football 2017 Big data’s predictive power The New England Patriots rely on analytics to reward fans attending games – including highlights, ordering drinks from your seat & toilet wait line updates. Free Wi-Fi included, of course.
Rugby & American football Near future When analytics turn human Wearable technology will be implemented in order to better monitor and treat concussions.

3 big data trends

It took analytics more than a century to grow into an integral part of sports. Big data will not take that long to leave its mark on the decision-making process in business. High time to take note of a couple of universal big data trends:

  1. The amount of data will keep increasing
    Sensors in race cars or handheld devices with an internet connection? More input means more insight – if you can process it.
  2. Fast data will replace big data
    Quicker reaction times have the potential to save lives and money.
  3. Hire your experts now
    Data experts today are no longer RAF commanders. The demand for analytics-experts is on the rise.

Do you want to capitalize on the big data trend? Feel free to contact one of our big data experts!

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