Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow

Welcome to 2019

There’s a “Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow”

There’s a “Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow” – Welcome to 2019

Ever heard this theme song in Disney’s “Carousel of progress?” Since 1964 this show features four animated scenes showing the past, the present and the future of an average family environment and how technology advances for the good of the users.

The same tremendous progress in technology is happening right now in the learning industry – Artificial Intelligence, unlimited accessibility of learning content, social learning supported by technology and intuitive, “Netflix-style” user interfaces.

Perfect conditions that allow us to migrate in that perfect world, in which every individual is self-responsible for their personal development and even participate in sharing knowledge with every colleague around the globe. With that in place, the SoftwareONE Learning & Development (L&D) team is able to create that “Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow.”

L&D’s History

In the past, the L&D team creates training content – mostly with the help of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) across SoftwareONE – and then distributes it, either in classroom trainings, webinars or via a learning platform. At one point this was considered innovative and we also began to offer eLearning content to provide self-study courses, which could be taken anywhere, anytime.

L&D of the Future

Why is it, that this approach is no longer sufficient and no longer contributing to modern personal or business development? Well, things are moving much faster today than ever before. The business we work in changes nearly continuously, at a fast pace and our learning models need to keep up.

We need to find creative ways to keep our staff informed and at the edge of new market developments and offerings. To maintain SoftwareONE’s competitive advantage as the leading platform, solution and services organization we are now introducing new learning technologies to mirror how we work with our clients – leading edge.

A first step in this change is to provide a next generation learning platform, that offers the before mentioned learning experience features for more informal, more social and more effective learning. This will enhance the learning ecosystem to deliver knowledge to the right person at the optimal time.

One major piece of this is user generated content. At SoftwareONE, we have many experts with incredible industry knowledge and experience. To enable and encourage them to share their knowledge with the rest of their colleagues will strengthen our learner’s engagement and create a repository of knowledge capital for SoftwareONE.<

With an Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine active on the learning platform, each learner will find the most relevant courses and knowledge pieces automatically delivered to his or her personal dashboard. Based on role, interests, recommendations from peers in similar roles and many alike criteria, the AI will select and recommend the most relevant content to each individual – similar to Netflix, Amazon and YouTube in our personal lives.

In order to the new platform to work employees need be engaged and willing to share their knowledge. This complements the culture and values of SoftwareONE – specifically that of “being humble.” Humble is a core value at SoftwareONE and is defined as constantly improving and putting the needs of our peers and customers first. The best precondition to convince learners to not only consume and interact with social learning content, but also to hearten them to contribute themselves.

This is an important step towards a new learning culture at SoftwareONE. In a learning organization it is the individual employee’s responsibility to engage with the right learning content to fill his or hers knowledge gaps. After the change, every individual is aware that continuous learning on the job is a necessity to keep performance and results at a high level and contribute to the overall success of the organization. Learning needs to be self-motivated. It should be enjoyable to benefit from the outcomes of learning and it needs to be valued – no matter if an employee is consuming or sharing learning content.

“And when it becomes a reality, it’s a dream come true for you and me …” – another verse in Disney’s “Carousel of Progress” theme song and so true for the new possibilities and opportunities that will have a significant impact on the business, and on the individual development of each SoftwareONE employee.

Cheers to a Learning-filled 2019!

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