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Tips and Tricks for Microsoft Edge: How to Browse the Web with Windows 10

You’ve downloaded Windows 10, but out of habit you continue to surf the net with the old Internet Explorer or an alternative browser? After all, you are familiar with all the functions in your standard browser and have set up your bookmarks. But that way you’ll miss out on quite a few cool new features in Microsoft Edge that revolutionize web searches. Our tips and tricks for Microsoft Edge ensure the switch will be perfectly easy. We’ll tell you what’s new and where to find the familiar functions.

Browse the Web Using Microsoft Edge

#1 Import favorites into Microsoft Edge

It's your online banking account, amazon or a favorite blog. All of us have pages that we use constantly and would not want to do without. Creating favorites makes it far easier to access these pages. And it doesn’t matter whether you have used Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox in the past, importing top pages to Microsoft Edge is child’s play. Just go to "More actions" (next to the address bar), then "Settings" and finally click on the "Favorites" settings tab. Now you will see all of the browsers installed on your PC. Select the ones you want and then click on Import.

#2 Change the font size and brightness in reading view

The writing on the website is simply too small, despite your reading glasses? No problem, you can adjust the reading view in Microsoft Edge to suit your needs.

Here’s how to do it: Go to "Other actions" and select the "Settings" tab. Scroll down to find the "Reading" section and then select the font size and brightness you prefer.

#3 Make notes directly on websites

A nifty USB flash drive would be just the right birthday present for your colleague? The new browser lets you mark your preferred model in the web shop, highlight the storage space in color and send the information to the rest of the department. Microsoft Edge finally lets you write, doodle, mark and make notes directly on websites and then share the information.

The function "Make a web note" transforms any page into a personal and digital notebook. Read more

#4 Take your reading with you

Your train has arrived but you only managed to read half of the report on the weekend soccer match? No problem. Microsoft Edge lets you take your reading with you to continue later. Create a reading list. Read more

#5 Use shortcuts

Shortcuts are a great way of easing the PC workload. Clever keyboard combinations help you complete routine tasks that bit quicker.

We’ve put together 10 Shortcuts for Microsoft Edge that you really should remember.

#6 Ask Cortana

Microsoft has integrated its voice recognition software Cortana in the Edge browser. Simply ask your personal assistant if you want to find out when a particular restaurant is open. Discover how to use it. Read more

#7 Display and delete your browser cache

Where did I see that recipe for banana bread yesterday? Microsoft Edge remembers everything. Let it forget your browser history and find out how to track your browser history. Read more

#8 Make Edge the default browser in Windows 10

Has Edge grabbed you now? It takes just a few steps to define Edge as the standard browser for Windows 10.

Go to "Start", search for "Settings for Standard Apps" and click on the button. Now click on the "Web browser" tab and select "Microsoft Edge".

Need More Microsoft Edge Tricks?

Microsoft Edge includes a number of new, handy features, among them Web Note to write, type and draw directly on webpages. We have compiled 10 keyboard combinations that make surfing the net that little bit easier.

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