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The Diagnostic Platform

360stupňový pohled na váš veškerý softwarový majetek

Získejte nástroj umožňující 360stupňový pohled na váš veškerý softwarový majetek

SoftwareONE’s Diagnostic Platform includes a set of assessment-based services that bring meaningful and actionable insights to your organization. The services provide the contextual understanding you need to improve your best practices, governance and financial management – within both your on-premise and cloud environments.

SoftwareONE understands that aside from your people, your software is your largest and most valuable expense. We co-build and co-deliver our platform with both technical services and software lifecycle management (SLM) in mind. This helps identify gaps that are often missed and cures the disconnect that can occur between current processes and governance. This holistic approach allows your organization to simplify operations, ultimately reducing your software and cloud spend.

Common Challenges

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Cost Management

Identifying opportunities for cost optimization &
reduction of unexpected expenditures

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Gaining clear visibility of the current situation to define a strategy 

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Measuring your current situation against the average customer & industry best practices 

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Proper collaboration with internal and external parties
supported by mature frameworks

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Having the right resources and maintaining knowledge & expertise

Solve These Challenges With The Diagnostic Platform

The Diagnostic Platform includes three services that were designed to help you:

  • Assess your current SAM maturity
  • Evaluate and understand your governance and cloud financial management
  • Create a plan to manage the people, processes and technology that will help you reach your goals
  • Track your progress
  • Improve your results

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