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Sophos Advisory Services

Sophos Advisory Services

Implementing cybersecurity is a must for every organization, whether you fall in a smaller market or a large one. When you decide to team up with SoftwareONE to launch your Sophos solution, you will be able to provide your organization with strong security, optimized costs, and essential guidance from our experts.

Sven Janssen

“For Sophos, SoftwareONE is an important partner in our go-to-market strategy. The years of good partnership we’ve had can be seen in close cooperation on all levels, from constant joint further development to successful growth.”

Director of Channel Sales DACH

The Potential Challenges that Come with Sophos


Sophos products can be bundled into costly packages, which is frustrating for customers who only need one of the products within. It is imperative that you know how to select – and purchase – only what you truly need.

Technical Know-How

Simply knowing which tools to purchase can become a challenge for Sophos customers in and of itself. Customers often find themselves in need of general consulting on what solutions would work best for their organization, especially given the cybersecurity skills gap.

Support Your Sophos Journey with a SoftwareONE Partnership

Take a closer look at a few of the benefits and differentiators of a Sophos partnership with SoftwareONE.

Long-Standing Relationship

Over the course of many years, we’ve cultivated a strong connection with the Sophos team. This long-standing relationship has helped us develop the expertise needed to help our customers at a local level, which has set us up to expand our partnership in the years to come.

Optimize Your Costs

Sophos offers many product bundles that work wonderfully for many organizations. Some IT departments, however, may only need one of those products to resolve their needs. Our SoftwareONE experts can help you find which tool is best fit for your organization so you will only pay for what you need.

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General Consulting

Whether you encounter issues during deployment, or you’re unsure of any aspect of your Sophos solution, we’re here to help. While we have a general focus on Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, we’re equipped to take any questions you may have remotely.

Platinum Status

We’re proud to say that we have earned the highest partner status for Sophos in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. At the platinum status, we’ve been able to maintain excellent conditions with Sophos and remain confident in our expertise.

Why Partner with SoftwareONE?

Here at SoftwareONE, we know it can be difficult to build a strategy from the ground up. Through a SoftwareONE partnership, we’ll help you strengthen your Sophos strategy by helping you select the right tools and optimizing your spend.

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