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Technology Solutions for Education

Educational systems and higher learning institutions require IT solutions that can quickly flex and adapt to continually changing needs. To best facilitate learning, these systems must function within agile networks and maintain high levels of data security – all without surpassing defined budgets.

SoftwareONE is the market’s leading global software, cloud, and solution provider for educational institutions worldwide. Many of the best recognized higher education and research institutions, school districts, and schools at all levels rely on our services to implement cutting-edge cloud, procurement, security and compliance solutions. Trust SoftwareONE to guide your institution through the entire digital transformation process – regardless of your current IT program’s maturity.

IT Challenges Facing the Education Industry

From Data Center to the Cloud

Cloud infrastructures allow educational institutions to become more agile and reduce IT spend. However, migration to the cloud can be complex: The right technical and organizational functions must be in place for a sustainable migration that provides long-term institutional benefits.

Digital Transformation

New student-centered technology is prompting rapid digital transformation within educational environments. However, this influx of software and multimedia content invokes significant IT challenges, especially when it comes to security, budget, and compliance.

Choosing the Right Programs

The right educational software and programs can make or break the learning experience. Students must be equipped with cutting-edge technology in order to learn and adapt to a rapidly changing, increasingly digital world. Selecting the best programs at the best price is a critical challenge.

Open Clouds for Research Environments delivers Cloud Services to the Education Community

Tailored Services

With over 30 years of experience serving customers in the education industry, we’ve become fluent with its unique demands and challenges. We can support our customers’ needs with in-depth consultative IT expertise as well as fully-customized managed services.

Access to IaaS and Cloud Programs

We participate and serve on many frameworks with unique discounts for our customers. SoftwareONE is your dedicated partner for negotiating national or transnational agreements for simplified, streamlined access to IaaS and cloud platforms – all within budget.

SoftwareONE ACADEMIC Portal

Your source for free or discounted educational software programs, SoftwareONE ACADEMIC Portal provides a simple, centralized source for the secure delivery of digital products to the entire institution. Our strategic partnerships with education technology companies allow us to provide this unique access to our customers.

As SoftwareONE customers, you have access to an unique customer portal named AcadCloud. After registration, you have full access to all SoftwareONE End-to-End EDU solutions and services and vendors. Explore all advantages to be supplied in this agreement and get more information and register now.


OCRE (Open Clouds for Research Environments) has chosen SoftwareONE as a partner to deliver Cloud Services to the Education Community across 40 European countries. PyraCloud provides you with the benefits of a FinOps Certified platform to…

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