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Ulrike van Koll

Ulrike van Koll

Principal Consultant SAM Services

Highly professional competence in compliance projects with focus on Microsoft

Change Management During SAM Projects

Optimization of Software Asset Management tends to focus primarily on technical aspects. But the extent to which the staff members involved are motivated is key to the success of SAM projects and the change they bring. Our expert explains how…

Is Outsourcing IT the Solution to Your Problems?

Does outsourcing really solve all of your company’s SAM problems? No says our expert. Read why developing your corporate strategy in the cloud is important.

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Ulrike has been part of the SoftwareONE team since 2010 and has been serving major customers in the public sector since May 2015. With a high professional competence in compliance projects, she mainly focuses on Microsoft. Ulrike van Koll is Interims License Manager and designs processes and analyses for license administration with the help of a small team. In this, it is particularly important to respond to the wishes of the customers and to equally match both customer and manufacturer requirements.