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Neil Lomax

Neil Lomax, President of Sales SoftwareONE

Neil Lomax

President of Sales


SoftwareONE Provides Enhanced Customer Value
  • 06 януари 2020
  • Neil Lomax
  • Managed Cloud, Digital Transformation, IT Market
  • DX

Providing Enhanced Customer Value Where Marketplaces Miss the Mark

Software and Cloud Providers shouldn’t just act as intermediaries. Find out how SoftwareONE leverages their expertise to add enhanced customer value beyond what a marketplace offers and enables better software purchasing decisions.

Expert Opinion on Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Provider Program and the New Microsoft Customer Agreement (MCA)

Expert Opinion on Microsoft’s CSP & the New MCA

A few days ago, Microsoft provided more details on their plans to revise their Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program and a perspective on how to better support the purchasing of their offerings. As one of Microsoft’s leading partners, and a…

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