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Dirk Frießnegg

Dirk Frießnegg

Solution Advisor IT-Security

Endpoint security against modern threats such as Ransomware

  • 18 януари 2019
  • Dirk Frießnegg
  • Managed Security, IT Market
  • Cyber-Threats

Cyber Security 2018: These Were the Most Dangerous Threats

2018 is over, so let’s look back! Our expert Dirk Frießnegg had a look at the most important security threats and explains what we can learn from them in 2019.

  • 11 юли 2018
  • Dirk Frießnegg
  • Managed Security
  • Tips, Cyber-Attacks, Cyber-Threats, Cyber-Crime

Why You Need a Strategic IT Security Concept to Beat Cyber-Threats

As Cyber-Attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated, it is essential to have a strategic security concept. Our expert explains what to consider and why it makes sense to rely on a manufacturer's portfolio.

  • 20 март 2018
  • Dirk Frießnegg
  • Managed Security
  • GDPR, File Encryption, Data Security, Data Management

How File Encryption Helps Fulfill GDPR Requirements

GDPR is up for implementation quite soon. Is your company prepared? We the benefits and solutions vis-à-vis file encryption.

  • 05 април 2017
  • Dirk Frießnegg
  • Managed Security
  • IT-Security, Ransomware, Cyber-Attacks

Ransomware: This is How Companies Can Protect Themselves!

Companies are now threatened by Ransomware attacks. Read how professionally and perfidiously a Ransomware attacker can proceed, and how serious the consequences can be.

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Dirk Frießnegg joined the specialist sales team for IT security at SoftwareONE in April 2010. His current focus is on endpoint security against modern threats such as Ransomware. Moreover, he deals with Gateway Security, Sandbox solutions and encryption issues.