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Andreas Krüger

Andreas Krüger

Managing Consultant

SharePoint and Office 365 Competence Team

  • 21 февруари 2017
  • Andreas Krüger
  • User Productivity, Unified Communications
  • SharePoint, Microsoft

Hybrid Scenarios With SharePoint 2016

Hybrid scenarios with SharePoint are not new, SharePoint 2016 turns them into a real treat as well. Users can switch seamlessly between SharePoint On-Premises and Online.

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Andreas has been working for the Business Solutions division at SoftwareONE since mid-2012. Since 2015, he has been responsible for one of the SharePoint and Office 365 Competence Teams. His consulting focuses on the introduction of SharePoint and Office 365 solutions in companies. He has been working with SharePoint for more than seven years on a variety of projects – often with a focus on development.