Why AWS re:Invent is the Must-Attend Event of 2020

AWS re:Invent 2020

Why You Must-Attend

Why AWS re:Invent is the Must-Attend Event of 2020

  • 19 ноември 2020
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It’s almost that time of year again – despite widespread disruption around the globe, AWS re:Invent is returning to finish 2020 on a positive note. This official Amazon conference has been one of the biggest annual cloud events for years now, and this year, they’re going even bigger. This event will span from November 30th to December 18th – that’s three whole weeks of ongoing education from one of the most valuable hyperscale cloud platforms available.

Best of all, everyone will be able to attend from the comfort of their own home. You won’t need to petition upper management for travel expenses this year – in fact, you won’t even need to ask them to cover the cost of your conference pass. This year’s conference will be free and accessible to all, no matter their financial situation or geographic area. So long as you have time and a reliable internet connection, you can tune in and access hundreds of sessions presented by AWS experts and cloud leaders.

If you want to discover what’s coming next in the world of AWS and learn more about the broader capabilities of the cloud, this is an event you simply can’t miss. But if you’re not ready to register just yet, take a look at what you could gain by attending.

Get Expert Education on AWS and Cloud Capabilities

One of the foremost reasons to attend AWS re:Invent is to get on the cutting edge of cloud technology. The training courses are designed to help attendees start from a place of limited knowledge, and follow several different “tracks,” which are divided as follows:

  • Product and Services – Learn how to work with a variety of cloud and AWS-related services throughout 25 different tracks with hours of content within. Subjects include analytics, blockchain, business intelligence, open-source software, and even a deep-dive into how Netflix uses AWS.
  • Industries – These sessions are tailored to the needs of specific industries. Whether you work in marketing, financial services, healthcare, or even the gaming industry, AWS can uncover ways to nudge ahead of the competition.
  • Roles – Do you work in DevOps? Want to learn more about architecting solutions with AWS? Or, are you just wondering what the Builders’ Library is all about? In these role-based tracks, you can deep-dive into certain AWS roles.
  • Organization Type – Whether you’re a startup or an enterprise, AWS can help your business innovate while reducing costs across the board. These tracks will provide specific advice to enterprises, partners, startups, and the public sector.
  • Community – While listening to Amazon’s experts can certainly be enlightening, the community track gives outside AWS experts the chance to discuss the topics they’re most passionate about.

By attending these educational tracks, employees will have an opportunity to learn highly relevant skills while helping organizations upskill their most promising employees.

Get Motivated with Leadership Sessions

Through Leadership Sessions, you’ll enjoy the instruction of some of Amazon’s most accomplished employees, including vice presidents and members of the C-suite. They’ll discuss new technology, divulge information about upcoming innovations, and provide real-life use cases of AWS technology. Here’s just a small selection of Amazon’s 18 upcoming leadership sessions:

  • Analytics with Rahul Pathak, Amazon’s Vice President of Analytics
  • Architecture with Rudy Valdez, Amazon’s Vice President of Solutions Architecture and Training and Certification
  • Networking and Product Delivery with Mayumi Hiramatsu, Amazon’s Vice President of AWS EC2 Networking
  • Security, Identity, and Compliance with Stephen E. Schmidt, Amazon’s Vice President of Security and Chief Information Security Officer
  • Training and Certification with Maureen Lonergan, the Director of AWS Training and Certification

Get Trained and Certified

Once you’ve spent some time learning from Amazon’s own AWS experts, it’s time to brush up on your knowledge with training, practice your skills in hands-on labs, and get all the preparation needed for a certification test. With more organizations than ever competing for cloud and AWS experts, an opportunity to get trained and certified simply cannot be missed.

… And We’ll See You There!

At SoftwareONE, we’ve seen firsthand how AWS can transform business processes for the better, whether you work in tech or transportation. It spurred us to take action to expand our strategic partnership with AWS, and encouraged us to onboard new expert hires, acquire new technologies and continue to help our customers make the most of AWS.
That’s why we’re so excited to see this event transpire in a manner that’s more accessible than ever. We know the potential that AWS has to transform your organization or even your entire career – but this transformation must begin with active education. So, what are you waiting for? Register for AWS re:Invent today.

AWS Can be Complicated…

But we at SoftwareONE are the business partner to make it simple for you!

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