Conferencing Rooms

How to Manage and Monitor

How to Manage and Monitor Conferencing Rooms

Did you know that the average middle manager spends 35 percent of their working hours in meetings?

Meetings are meant to be a deliberate and impactful way to create value for the business. To help encourage more effective meetings, many businesses adopted new types of conferencing technology including dedicated internet connections, cameras, scheduling software, interactive whiteboards, and more. While these technologies helped to improve meetings, their complexity also made the conferencing environment more difficult to manage and far more prone to technical difficulties.

Meetings that are disrupted due to poor management come at a significant expense – an estimate in 2019 found that the cost of disorganized meetings would reach about $400 billion in the United States, and $58 billion in the United Kingdom. Your physical and virtual meeting rooms need to be reliable and secure. Otherwise, employee productivity and client relations will suffer, and your business will lose money as a result.

It can be difficult to make the most of your video conferencing and meeting room solutions, especially when you consider the challenges posed by working from home. These issues, and the monetary loss that comes alongside them, have spurred a range of solutions including Microsoft’s Managed Meeting Rooms. Using a program like this to manage and monitor your conference rooms can help you make the most of your meetings no matter where you are. Let’s take a closer look at three important facets of a properly managed meeting room.

An Efficient, High-Quality Experience

Ideally, your meeting rooms should provide a high-quality, scalable experience that includes every feature your team needs without expending excessive bandwidth, computing power, and money. This is especially true if you use a cloud conferencing solution that charges based on usage. Several managed meeting room solutions will use AI to continuously right-size your meeting rooms ensuring that you’re never overprovisioning your assets.

Additionally, a well-managed meeting room will have full visibility into the devices and software in your room, allowing you to monitor usage and identify technical difficulties before your team hops on a call. Some solutions, such as Microsoft’s Managed Meeting Rooms, even offer automated remediation to quickly resolve simple technical issues for your team. To further simplify, customize, and automate the Teams device management, Microsoft recently announced that all Teams Rooms devices can now be managed from one place – the Teams Admin Center portal. Hence, 3rd Party Management Tools will no longer be required in the near future.

Finally, your IT team or your managed meeting room solution should have the capabilities to ensure that all software and devices are not only up-to-date but are also working effectively. A critical software update may take a few minutes to download which may seem like an inconsequential amount of time until you consider that there may be an important customer waiting for your employee to join the call during that update. That doesn’t only cost your team a few productive minutes of their day – it could significantly disrupt business-critical activities.

Enhanced Analytics 

It is essential for IT teams to be able to monitor systems effectively as it allows them to try to prevent incidences and escalations. Users trust smoothly running conferencing solutions and will only keep using them effectively when interruptions are rare. Ideally, monitoring and management should be available with your existing solutions and processes. For example, Logitech´s Sync Application ties to different conferencing solutions through API.

Organizations should find a conferencing solution that will constantly collect data regarding usage, incidents, and similar trends. Then, they should analyze this data to determine how their meeting rooms are being used and to identify common pain points.

But IT teams can’t stop there – they need to find a way to break this information down into a report that can be easily understood throughout the organization. This isn’t intuitive for many IT professionals so it may be wise to invest in a platform that provides concise reports that can be easily visualized, providing an easy way to interpret the data and share findings.

A Comprehensive Support Partner

Modern meeting rooms are supported by a lot of devices and software and can therefore be a recipe for technical disasters. While many of these products are inherently interlinked, they can be from an assortment of vendors which adds complexity. This means that your team needs to enlist the help of technical experts with a wide breadth of knowledge.

Many solutions, like Microsoft’s Managed Meeting Rooms, provide a basic level of support that only covers approved vendors. Before you invest in monitoring and managing your meeting rooms, make sure you are capable of supporting every program and device within your meeting room, including custom software. This consideration must be made before you invest in a complete managed meeting room solution – you don’t want to begin shopping for comprehensive support when you have a pressing technical issue that’s negatively impacting day-to-day meetings. If you need to preserve internal resources, it’s a good idea to rely on an experienced support partner like SoftwareONE for your needs.

Final Thoughts

Creating a properly managed and monitored meeting room requires plenty of forethought. You need to have full visibility into your meeting room, the technology required to provide a high-quality conferencing experience, and the support necessary to fix any technical issues that may arise.

Enter SoftwareONE’s Publisher Advisory Services. If you use a solution like Microsoft Teams to support your meeting rooms, our Microsoft Advisory Services can provide the framework to enhance the utility of your meetings while offering best-in-class support for the devices and solutions that keep your meetings running. We have more than 30 years of expertise working with Microsoft, and have a wide breadth of technological knowledge to help you understand entitlements and items in your inventory, and get comprehensive usage data regarding your entire Microsoft estate.

When you partner with our technology experts, you’ll have all the tools you need to manage and monitor your meeting rooms. With the right assistance, your organization can take the steps to optimize its meeting room environment – saving you time and money.

Make the Most of Your Meeting Rooms

Our Microsoft Advisory Services can help you navigate Microsoft’s standard solutions.

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