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Endpoint Detection and Response

How to Get Insights with Endpoint Detection and Response

This year, we see cyber criminals spending maximum energy for a variety of reasons to successfully target and attack endpoints of organizations. They are doing this to steal data or take them hostage for ransom (ransomware), to try to take them offline, to abuse them in a botnet or to carry out DDoS attacks or crypto-mining.

With the evolution of workplace mobility and employees connecting from their workplace on the go, in the office or at home – it's no surprise that these devices are becoming increasingly vulnerable. Without the right cybersecurity measures, malicious hackers can easily take advantage of all existing and new vulnerabilities. That's why there has been an increased need for enhanced security tools in recent years that outpace traditional firewalls and antivirus solutions. For both large and small organizations, this has become an undeniable priority. Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) is the term for a tool set for detecting and preventing threats and is increasingly becoming the standard in cybersecurity.

In this article I explain what EDR is and why I think it should be an essential part of the set of cybersecurity solutions within each organization. This is intended to provide a good overview for everyone active in IT security and to describe opportunities and new developments where organizations will need to go to get maximum insight and grip on the IT assets within (and outside) the organization. In the following two articles in this series of three security blog posts, I will look at EDR versus Antivirus/Endpoint protection and the differences with a SIEM and the trend towards Managed Detection and Response, Cross Layer Detection and Response and SOAR solutions.

Optimize Your Endpoint Security Strategy

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