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  • 14 април 2020
  • AWS

When asking IT Managers and C-Level executives about their main challenges in an increasingly digitized world the list seems to get longer and longer. Employees often find themselves caught between operational and strategy tasks ranging from managing business goals, controlling security risks, reducing costs, predicting user consumption, licensing and compliance, to ensuring overall user satisfaction. New technologies such as cloud computing are adding additional pressure to this while mobile working has introduced increased security risks. Simply staying on top of the day-to-day maintenance workload can feel relentless - and that’s without trying to get groundbreaking projects off the ground!

Using the cloud for business can create major advantages, from being able to scale IT resources on demand, managing IT costs to launching new business models quickly. Cloud has become the go-to platform for adopting digital services in almost all organizations driving IT spending overall. For instance, Gartner predicted increased global IT spending (+3.2 % to 3.67 trillion) with as-a-service models is fueling everything from data center spending to enterprise software.

Looking at the market, Amazon has become one of the leading cloud providers in the world owning nearly half of the world’s public-cloud infrastructure market. Synergy Research Group recently reported that worldwide spending on public IaaS and PaaS reached $20 billion, with Amazon Web Services (AWS) accounting for the largest piece of market share. Offering on-demand delivery of compute power, database storage, applications and other IT resources through AWS with pay-as-you-go pricing, is a commercially viable option for companies not looking to make large upfront investments in hardware. Furthermore, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a key area of growth and a core sales pitch for AWS as it becomes a Machine Learning (ML) platform. AWS customers are going for these high-growth areas and seeing the cloud provider as the linchpin for their machine learning and digital transformation efforts.

As you can see, cloud computing has made its impact in almost every organization, but finding the strategy that works best for your business is not always clear-cut.

Leverage Your AWS Strategy

Having a trusted advisor like SoftwareONE at your side can help you future-proof your organization and meet business goals by using solutions that are highly flexible, scalable, secure and in touch with the unique needs of your organization. Instead of trying to keep up with the increasing day-to-day demands of the organization, why not leverage a team of experts that can help accomplish the legwork?

AWS allows your business to enjoy greater flexibility, productivity, and scalability – however, when day to day manual tasks such as billing prevent organizations from innovating it is difficult to look at the bigger picture. SoftwareONE can provide our bundled service Simple for AWS to get you started on the AWS journey. Our solutions help you reduce costs and allow your IT teams to achieve efficiencies by leveraging existing expertise to stay focused on strategy, minimize strain on resources and control overall IT costs. With Simple for AWS, organizations will enjoy simplified billing information, consolidated into one master account. As a result, IT managers can anticipate expenses while enjoying the enhanced computing power of AWS.

At SoftwareONE, we heavily invested in growing our cloud expertise – by hiring highly skilled and deeply trained cloud experts, adding renowned service providers such as RightCloud and InterGrupo to our cloud portfolio and building an AWS and Azure Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) in Japan. With over 30 years of experience, our cloud experts come with a tenured background to help you ensure your next move in the cloud is the right one:

  • Pioneering: SoftwareONE is the first AWS Partner that allows customer to provide global billing service with root level control of their AWS Accounts.
  • The Right Combination: At SoftwareONE, combining software license savings and AWS cost optimization delivers the highest value for the customer.
  • Deliver the Best Experience: We excel in this area via our additional Enterprise Discount Program discounts and zero cost cloud migrations.
  • Innovation: We connect the dots of the innovation journey by taking full advantages of SoftwareONE’s tools and services to plan, build and run new digital solutions in AWS.
  • Never Compromise on Quality: SoftwareONE has been delivering exceptional service globally for nearly 30 years. Our delivery methodology ensures your hard ops process flows better with the cloud. Every engineer is certified and has delivered all types of applications in AWS – ranging from core banking, micro service API and server less applications to container-based solutions.


Join us at AWS re:Invent and let’s revamp your cloud business

Are you attending AWS re: Invent this year? AWS re: Invent is truly a global event, and with 65,000 customers in 90 countries, we are poised to help you transform your organization via the AWS cloud and all it offers in regards to flexibility, security, and reliability. Join us for a personalized one–to-one discussion on how we can bring your AWS cloud initiatives with advanced AWS billing & cost management, core engineering practices, data security & compliance expertise to the next level.

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