The Impact of Digital Transformation on the Way of Delivery

Digital Transformation

Impact on Business and How the Business Delivers

The Impact of Digital Transformation on the Way of Delivery

A will and desire to move towards digital technology at a fast and unprecedented pace – reaping its benefits along the way - is what drives Digital Transformation (DX) at large. Though this term typically refers to a business, it is embedded in our daily lives too.

Companies and organizations have aligned to this transformation due to their own internal demands, but also to meet the demands of their customers as well. The idea and the belief is to change the existing processes and systems and make them foolproof is driving digital transformation at rocket speed. Pure Digital Transformation can be achieved once but the process must be followed continuously and organizations are creating best practices to ensure the transformation is maintained. According to Harvard Business School, leading digital companies generate higher gross margins, earnings and net income than organizations in the bottom quarter of digital adopters.

Digital Transformation is an Ongoing Process

Digital Transformation refers to a great deal of things, but cloud services do dominate the conversation in terms of putting all the data in the cloud for managing every single point of work. Industry after industry is following this change to ensure optimum capacity of business processes in the cloud – better serving the customer.

As per the latest reports, the transformation success rate is expected to be at just a 30% level. The results are not just in regards to transforming but for achieving results parallel with the improvements desired at the time of adopting Digital Transformation.

Digital Transformation and its Impact on Economy

When it comes to leadership and specifically technological leadership, Digital Innovation becomes a key part of it. Hence, investing in the resources to develop fast growth to enhance local and global economies is rightly a correct hit and decision. With a never before seen pace of digitization and transformation worldwide, the trend will set a path to lead the global economy. Industries involved in securing the data of the organizations are growing faster than the other ones. Traditional companies may find it difficult to invest on this line of action initially but must get on board with this today in order to be able to make effective decisions tomorrow.

Much of Digital Transformation has come about in order to better serve the customer. Today’s customer is not only tech-savvy but also evolved in asking for the business outcome that best serves their end goal.

5 Key Pillars of a Digital Transformation Strategy

The friction between the customer and the company has all but resolved due to Digital Transformation – the cloud allows data to flow between the two securely.

Here's the transformation strategy that will work for your business:

  1. Vision and Mission transform completely ensuring all the divisions and segments of a business go completely digital
  2. Forward thinkers demonstrating the right ability to make full use of the transformation by xyz ….
  3. Finding the best suitability for the customers by providing them the right solution and on time
  4. Checklist to follow the process and generate more capabilities and potential, while in parallell anticipating the areas of challenges at the customers’ end.
  5. Expertise having the right people with access to the data to ensure the customer connection is enhanced

SoftwareONE has 30 years of expertise in technology and software and manages the software lifecycle of its customers from end to end. Our capabilities in cloud-first advisory, delivery and managed solutions puts the customer’s digital transformation journey at the forefront.

Need Help with Your Digital Transformation?

Let us help get your business on the right path to digital transformation. We transform by design, keeping the customer experience at the core of our business!

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