Extend Your Customers’ Cloud Footprint with ONEClub’s xSimple Solutions

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Extend Your Customers’ Cloud Footprint with ONEClub’s xSimple Solutions

When breaking into the Microsoft cloud services market, it’s beneficial to work with a reputable CSP Indirect Provider. By making this connection, cloud partners will have an experienced partner to help them create an agile go-to-market strategy, enabling long-term client value. A quality Indirect Provider recognizes that partners come in all shapes and sizes, so they deliver flexible and scalable solutions based on unique business needs. Whether you operate as a Hoster, MSP, ISV, or Solution Provider, our ONEClub partner program provides the systems, tools, processes and knowledge needed to build a sustainable cloud business.

At SoftwareONE, our mission is to enable partners to build a successful cloud business. From cloud management challenges to simplifying complicated data backups, ONEClub makes it easy. Through our range of xSimple solutions, we bundle advisory, analytics and cloud support into a model that is easily delivered directly to the end user. This portfolio includes purpose-built solutions for Azure, Office 365, Teams, Backup, Security, and Software Asset Management (SAM). With a standard teaming agreement, partners can seamlessly integrate and augment their business with these additional services.

Read on to learn how SoftwareONE will help your organization unlock a more profitable and scalable business.

How Can CSP Indirect Accelerate Cloud Programs?

By leveraging CSP Indirect, your organization can realize all the technical benefits of Microsoft’s cloud offerings. This will enable your business to achieve its cloud aspirations – ultimately growing your business.

Organizations using CSP Indirect will receive end-to-end guidance and support, which will forge a clear path for your cloud program. This includes developing a clear strategy and designing a comprehensive migration plan. As a result, CSP Indirect Providers greatly simplify the management of cloud and IT resources. With this expert knowledge as guidance, your organization’s cloud service will enjoy a faster time-to-market.

Key Value Drivers for CSP Indirect Providers

Not all Indirect Providers are created equal. For this reason, organizations must be aware of what should set a CSP Indirect Provider apart. 

Especially when working with Microsoft Azure, it’s important to use an Azure Expert. These experts are certified by Microsoft to have an intricate understanding of Azure environments. With an Azure Expert, your organization has access to an experienced solution provider that can greatly assist in delivering on the business value that Azure provides. Furthermore, your organization’s IT investments will be planned and managed in a way that is cost effective.

Additionally, providers should focus on simplifying your organization’s route to market. This is done with quality cloud support and advisory programs, which eliminate any guesswork that may burden your organization’s time-to-market. Plus, a competitive CSP Indirect Provider should offer state-of-the-art platforms to ensure that your organization can manage their Microsoft solutions in-house with ease.

When the right Indirect Provider is being used, an organization will likely experience an increase in cloud utilization rates. This translates into greater customer satisfaction, which in turn creates more contract renewals. In the end, choosing the right Indirect Provider can greatly improve an indirect reseller’s chances of success.

How xSimple Extends Your Cloud Resources

As a CSP Indirect Reseller, ensuring that your cloud resources are performing at their highest potential is paramount. To confirm that your cloud deployments are as effective as possible, use a world class CSP Provider alongside xSimple solutions. These resources will assist in the maintenance of a complex cloud infrastructure. Leveraging ONEClub’s xSimple offerings, expert advisory, analytics, platforms, and support have never been more attainable.


AzureSimple will allow Indirect Resellers to innovate with unmatched intelligence and IT flexibility. This will ensure consistency in not only cloud-exclusive environments, but also in hybrid cloud environments. AzureSimple accomplishes this by allowing organizations to plan, build, and manage their own Azure strategy. By leaning on experts, our partners will be able to develop a comprehensive strategy, and design a customized migration plan.

  • Expert Advisory – AzureSimple will assist in planning a shift to the cloud by analyzing and understanding business needs. At this point in time, SoftwareONE will provide organizations with a specific vision statement that addresses concerns around security, cost, and compatibility.
  • Environment Configuration – Pricing models with Azure can get complicated. AzureSimple offers a solution to this by managing your organization’s Azure billing. By combining a simple pay-as-you-grow model with a zero-dollar commitment-licensing model, your organization’s Azure environment will be established in the most optimal way.
  • Ongoing Support – With a back-to-back agreement with Microsoft, AzureSimple provides high quality support that will ensure your deployment always runs smoothly.


Microsoft Office 365 enables organizations to be more creative, productive, and collaborative. That’s why 365Simple aims to provide end-to-end support and guidance for all Microsoft Office applications. By using 365Simple in conjunction with CSP Indirect services, your organization will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Expert Advisory – During the initial advisory period, our ONEClub will help organizations uncover their specific business goals, and challenges that are obstructing the path to these goals. Once the state of your Office environment has been uncovered, SoftwareONE will clear that path while addressing concerns around cost, compatibility, and security.
  • Licensing and Tenant Setup – 365Simple will help your organization deliver Microsoft applications exactly when customers want them, and exactly where they want them. Not only that, but 365Simple will fully optimize these deliveries across both desktop and mobile devices. SoftwareONE will also assist in finding the right licensing mechanism, and then establishing and setting up your Office 365 tenant.
  • Analytics and Insights – Through 365Simple, partners can enable user adoption and minimize expenses – ultimately maximizing value. Not only that, but it will provide organizations with access to KPIs and rich data that can lower expenses, drive adoption, and allow faster ROI.
  • High Quality Support – With 365Simple, SoftwareONE will continuously work with your organization to execute requests and recover services in a timely manner – all backed by a concrete Microsoft agreement. Ultimately, this will help indirect resellers mitigate their risk.


When Indirect Providers acquire additional clients, their data requirements become increasingly isolated and complex. With simple pricing, simple setup, and simple control, BackupSimple provides an enterprise grade solution for data both on premises and the cloud. Here are a few benefits your organization will experience with BackupSimple:

  • Comprehensive Availability – BackupSimple combines SoftwareONE’s Microsoft expertise with CommVault’s sophisticated data management technology. Not only that, but all management is performed from a resilient web portal hosted by SoftwareONE. This makes BackupSimple the most comprehensive data availability solution on the market.
  • Secure – Azure backups can be made from anywhere securely and with ease. As well, all data processed by BackupSimple is de-duped, compressed, and encrypted in transit and at rest. 
  • User Friendly – BackupSimple provides a single pane of glass that can manage and backup instances located on-premise and on the cloud. Overall, BackupSimple is a comprehensive, centralized backup solution.

Final Thoughts

Through systems, tools, processes, and knowledge, ONEClub enables Hosting, ISV and Solution Provider partners to gain a faster time to market via an indirect partnership. Those partners also gain access to SoftwareONE’s xSimple portfolio, which extends a powerful set of business value solutions to their end users. A partnership with SoftwareONE goes well beyond a transactional relationship. All ONEClub partnerships are built on the foundation of trust and partner satisfaction. 

Hosters, MSPs, ISVs, and Solution Providers will find many benefits by joining the ONEClub partner program. They will have access to CSP Indirect Providers, Azure Experts, and a range of simple software solutions. This will enable a faster time to market, along with more business value to their end users.

On-Demand Webinar

SoftwareONE's Guide to the Microsoft Partner Agreement and Onboarding Process for CSP Indirect Resellers

On September 1, 2019, the Microsoft Partner Agreement (MPA) became available on Partner Center for partners participating in the Cloud Solution Prover (CSP) program. All partners are required to accept the agreement, including Indirect Resellers, prior to January 31, 2020, to ensure no disruption of their ability to create new customers or place new orders for existing customers in the CSP program.

Do not fear!  SoftwareONE will arm you with the information needed to lead you the way through the complexities of the MPA and partner onboarding process in Microsoft Partner Center.

This on-demand webinar will guide you through the new Microsoft requirements to ensure your indirect reseller business is compliant. Just fill out this form and get immediate acccess to the webinar.

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