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Reduce Your IT Complexity

Reduce IT Complexity with Managed Services

Every year, July 12th is National Day of Simplicity. On this day almost 175 years ago, American author and keen advocate of simple living Henry David Thoreau was born. Quoted as saying, “Simplicity is key to living a better life,” how can overburdened IT teams facing continuously changing technology and threats put simplicity into practice?

Henry David Thoreau

“Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity! I say, let your affairs be as two or three, and not a hundred or a thousand; instead of a million, count half a dozen, and keep your accounts on your thumb nail.”

The Complexities Facing IT Teams

IT teams have a great number of demands on their minds: Managing business goals; controlling security risks; keeping on top of costs, user consumption, licensing and compliance; and ensuring overall user satisfaction. Added to this, the technology they manage is constantly evolving, changing and growing in complexity. Cloud computing has added to this pressure as new updates and tools are automatically added, while mobile working has introduced increased security risks. Simply staying on top of the day-to-day maintenance workload can feel relentless - and that’s without trying to get groundbreaking projects off the ground!

Due to this changing environment, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that 66 percent of IT professionals feel that increasing complexity makes their jobs more difficult. To achieve greatness, IT teams need to take a step back and think about how they can simplify their workload. First, consider which repetitive, but business-critical, processes could be taken off their plate. This will put time back into your IT team’s day, allowing them focus on strategic ways to keep the organization’s technical infrastructure running at its highest potential.

Achieve Simplicity with IT Managed Services

This is where managed services come in. IT teams can leverage managed services to help future-proof their organization and meet business goals by using solutions that are highly flexible, scalable and in touch with the unique needs of their organization. Instead of trying to keep up with the increasing day-to-day demands of the organization, why not leverage a team of experts that can help accomplish the legwork?

If these resource-intensive maintenance tasks are simplified, IT teams can spend more time on creative and impactful technical strategy. Currently, IT teams are spending 29 percent of their time resolving digital performance problems – costing their employers $2.5 million annually while squandering opportunities for more creatives uses of their time. Managed services can reduce these costs and help IT teams achieve simplicity in a few key ways: 


Managed service providers specialize in all the nitty gritty details of how specific vendors operate and license solutions, as well as how certain tools can be integrated. By consulting these experts, organizations can be assured that they are in compliance and running as efficiently as possible, without expending the resources to check each deployment themselves.  This expertise also helps IT teams ensure they are selecting the correct solutions based on their long-term business goals.  

Focus on Strategy

Managed service providers enable IT teams to remove time consuming, yet necessary, day-to-day tasks from their plate, including security patches and updates, data backups, and more. This allows IT teams to focus more on the strategy to create a network and solution stack that meets organizational digital transformation goals. 

Minimize Strain on Resources

Today’s IT teams are stretched thin. With the demands of digital transformation, they are strained by the pressure to meet overall organizational goals while assisting in departmental IT projects. With managed services, the strain of digital transformation is lessened, and IT teams can ensure they are getting the greatest returns on their IT investments. 

Control IT Costs

When juggling so many projects and demands, it is easy for IT costs to escalate, particularly in a cloud environment. Managed services can help organizations optimize costs, reduce waste and cut down on Shadow IT

By bringing in outside service providers, IT teams will be able to focus their efforts in creative, valuable ways. Not only that, the entire organization will enjoy a smoother, safer and more cost efficient IT environment too.

How Simple by SoftwareONE Can Help

SoftwareONE is committed to making our customers’ lives simpler with our variety of managed services, which simplify not only day-to-day operations, but their end-to-end software lifecycle management initiatives. Here’s a quick list of all the ways Simple can help IT teams, from procurement services, to spend management services.

Unified Communications

With UCSimple, experts will create an environment perfect for encouraging UC adoption while ensuring that the chosen UC system works with your existing communication environment. With this Simple service, IT managers will recieve a long-lasting UC strategy while experts handle the upkeep required to ensure the entire organization enjoys greater flexibility and productivity. Read more

Software Asset Management

According to Gartner, 45 percent of organizations are in a “reactive” state with their software licensing, as IT departments have little time to track their compliance status. With SAMSimple, your IT team can understand their future and current compliance position in an instant, allowing your team to proactively address compliance concerns. Read more

Backup & Recovery

As your organization’s data environment becomes more complex, so does your backup process. With BackupSimple, IT managers can maintain ownership and admin access over cloud assets while SoftwareONE provides comprehensive support and decreased complexity – enabling stress-free security and backup compliance. Read more

Microsoft Azure

With over 95 percent of the Fortune 500 using Azure to enable greater scalability and ease of use, its necessary that IT managers recognize the merits of this cloud platform. Led by our experienced Microsoft Team, AzureSimple will help your team organize and accelerate the adoption of Microsoft Azure’s cloud benefits while resolving your team’s questions regarding compatibility, security, and the overall cost of an Azure migration. Read more

Microsoft Office 365

To prepare your organization for the modern workplace, you must leverage modern solutions. With 365Simple, IT teams will be supported throughout the entire Office 365 implementation process, including on-boarding of users and insights into user adoption and consumption. Read more

Amazon Web Services

AWS allows your business to enjoy greater flexibility, productivity, and scalability – however, factors like billing make this solution difficult to maintain. With Simple for AWS, organizations will enjoy simplified billing information, consolidated into one master account. As a result, IT managers can anticipate expenses while enjoying the enhanced computing power of AWS. Read more

Simplify Your IT Complexity

Our commitment to making the lives of our customers simple isn’t for one day only. We make it our mission every day to help our customers manage their entire software environment effectively. On this Simplicity Day, take a moment to ponder how SoftwareONE’s Simple Managed Services could help your IT team realize their full potential.

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