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Tabs in Teams: The Perfect Enabler for Business Productivity

Team Up with SoftwareONE: Tabs in Teams as the Perfect Enabler for Business Productivity

In the fourth part of our Team Up with SoftwareONE blog series our expert Erik Moll provides practical and employee friendly tips on how to work more efficiently by using tabs within Teams to organize your business productivity apps.

Have you ever counted how many business productivity apps you are using on a single workday? First, there is Outlook of course, because checking your emails is essential. Then you need Skype for Business to call your colleague who is working in a subsidiary on the other side of the globe. After the call you want to take notes or brainstorm for a new project with OneNote. YouTube is always handy for a quick tutorial or relaxing cat content for lunch break. The list goes on and on. All your personal business productivity applications serve a specific purpose and help you work more efficiently. However, these apps are somehow scattered and are normally reached through different points of access. That means you need to constantly switch between apps and browsers and therefore loose valuable time.

One handy trick is to work with tabs within Teams. Teams provides you access to all Office 365 as well as third party applications like Planner, OneNote, PowerBI, YouTube etc. Teams is your ultimate toolbox that centralizes all applications as a main hub for business productivity tools. You can use Teams as an aggregator for everything you need in your daily business life. Just imagine you want to go shopping. You need new running shoes, a new pair of  socks and you want to buy the new bestselling book you heard so many good things about. Would you rather go to three different stores spread throughout the city or go to a mall where you have all stores in one place? You will save a lot of time and effort if you buy everything in the mall. Managing tabs in Teams has the same effect as it functions as a single point of access for all business productivity tools.

What are the Benefits of Tabs within Teams?

Managing tabs within Teams enables you to work more efficient and to create your own personal workspace.

  • Tabs within Teams is the ultimate aggregator of all business productivity tools
  • You can add Office 365 applications, document libraries or single documents that you need daily as well as third party applications and websites
  • Tabs can be personalized to fulfill your individual needs
  • Tabs are suitable for collaboration, but also work as your personal organizer
  • It offers you quick, centralized access to your favorite apps, documents and websites; you can retrieve them easily at any time
  • You can organize different tabs in every channel or subchannel that you have within Teams

How to Work with Tabs

  1. Go to one of your channels in Teams
  2. Click on the add symbol (+) in the upper menu bar
Team-Up with SoftwareONE -Adding Tabs to your Teams
Source: SoftwareONE

3. Choose between the suggested Office 365 applications or add a third-party website via the search function

Adding Tabs to your Teams
Source: SoftwareONE

4. Add as many tabs as you like
5. Organize them according to your personal needs

Teams as Your Main Hub for Business Productivity

All in one place, customizable and provider independent – create your personalized work desk within Teams by managing tabs to save time and work more efficiently. In our next Team Up blog we will look at the value of document collaboration within Teams.

Want to Know More About the Potential  Microsoft Teams Offers?

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