6 Reasons to Leverage the CSP Indirect Program

Reasons to Leverage a

CSP Indirect Program

6 Reasons to Leverage the CSP Indirect Program with SoftwareONE

SoftwareONE, as a certified Microsoft Indirect Cloud Solution Provider (CSP 2-Tier), is able to deliver a global channel program for its partner base to scale, build and sell unique cloud-focused solutions without the costly administrative overhead of maintaining a direct CSP partnership with Microsoft.

SoftwareONE Partner ECO-System

There are distinct opportunities and advantages for a variety of the SoftwareONE partner eco-system to sell via the CSP Indirect program. As mentioned in our previous blog the partners we work with include:

System Integrator (SI) Partners

These partners will now be able to extend their business value to their end users by integrating SoftwareONE’s global portfolio of software, services and cloud support providing the partner with new sources of revenue and a differentiated value proposition.


The CSP Indirect program provides these partners the path to modernizing their infrastructure on Microsoft Azure.  By leveraging SoftwareONE’s cloud advisory expertise, partners gain peace of mind knowing they are delivering long-term client value with an efficient and trusted partner.


The SoftwareONE ISV program provides the tools and services to accelerate cloud migration and fundamentally transform their business. In addition, our flexible program provides ISVs the vehicles to scale and reach new markets; working with the SoftwareONE CSP Indirect team can help align unique client solutions ensuring faster returns for ISV startup stakeholders.


Our channel program was built to allow you to focus on your core competency while we deliver the CSP operational, administrative and support excellence. The SoftwareONE ONEClub marketplace empowers partners to market, sell, invoice, and provision cloud subscriptions while providing detailed cloud telemetry and analytics.

Partner Benefits

If you are a partner that falls into one of the above categories and you are still unsure what benefits the SoftwareONE CSP Indirect program provides you we have outlined why CSP Indirect is the optimal choice below.

Reason #1 - Simplicity and Streamlined Selling

SoftwareONE has over 30 years of Microsoft experience, presence in over 80 countries, expertise on over 10,000 publishers, has generated over $5B of revenue with Microsoft and has created the ONEClub to provide a digital marketplace to manage and automate your CSP transactions* (see graphic below). SoftwareONE’s CSP Indirect program can simplify how you go to market with the infrastructure we already have in place

Opengraph-SWO CSP Dashboard
SoftwareONE CSP Dashboard, source: SoftwareONE

Reason #2 - Speed to Market

SoftwareONE’s built in backbone allows partners to be up and running with a dedicated partner team for guidance with onboarding, defining business objectives, and meeting desired cloud transformation milestones via back office support and the ONEClub marketplace.

Reason #3 - Added Value

Beyond our licensing expertise CSP Indirect partners have access to our full portfolio of xSimple Services which packages together advisory, end-user adoption and change management with security, compliance and governance considerations built in for services such as AzureSimple, SAMSimple, 365Simple, UCSimple and BackupSimple. SoftwareONE has built up a formidable cloud expertise with managing cloud spend, securing and backing up your data in the cloud.

Reason #4 - Support

Our CSP Indirect partners will also have access to a cloud support team to aid you in managing Microsoft Online Services customer issues and requests.

Reason #5 - Cost Effectiveness

Our international network makes you a part of a growing cloud marketplace and we remove the cost burden of maintaining infrastructure, administration and billing through a direct CSP partnership while working from a competitive pricing model.

Reason #6 - Credibility

Working with SoftwareONE, partners will still be recognized as the Partner of Record for driving the cloud consumption, gain the revenue recognition towards their Microsoft Partner Status and also earn CSP Indirect Reseller Incentives directly from Microsoft.

In a nutshell

The CSP Indirect program gives you the vehicle to provide more than just software to your customers, backed by a leading Microsoft partner.

Ready for the ONEClub?

To learn more be sure to visit our ONEClub site or contact us to learn why CSP Indirect is your optimal partner option.

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Paul O'Connor

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