Looking Back to Look Forward

Life at SoftwareONE

Looking Back to Look Forward

Life at SoftwareONE: Looking Back to Look Forward

Late last year, the SoftwareONE Learning and Development (L&D) team launched Inspire through Culture, a new workshop for leaders. In the capstone activity, the group sat in a circle and talked through what the SoftwareONE culture meant to one another.

Remembering Patrick

One employee of over 10 years, told stories of when Patrick Winter (SoftwareONE’s late founder) acquired the SoftwareONE name and along with it, a tiny group of North American employees. He traveled from Switzerland to the headquarters in Wisconsin so often, in order to collaborate with his new team, that he kept a wardrobe and apartment there.

Patrick talked about the culture non-stop. He said it was what really mattered – that we live the SoftwareONE culture. Other people in the circle began saying what the culture meant to them. SoftwareONE’s Head of Inside Sales for North America stated how he couldn’t believe how much friendship exists at SoftwareONE and the degree to which people genuinely like their colleagues, day in, and day out.


One of the HR leaders spoke to the entrepreneurial spirit, while another top sales producer commented on the excitement of the speed at which SoftwareONE operates, and yet another employee discussed his own desire to teach a SoftwareONE L&D workshop – because it grounds him and reminds him of his desire for growth.

A new leader at the company spoke to loving how much fun the company has as a whole and the many social aspects that SoftwareONE promotes; and our internally promoted Head of Sales stated how she can always count on everyone to help one another out – from both a personal and professional level. Last but certainly not least a leader of our New York-based team rounded it out by talking about the need for us to tell stories, old and new, and to embrace the responsibility as leaders to live and teach the SoftwareONE culture.

Imperfect, but good enough

We addressed our imperfections too. We sometimes move too fast, we occasionally can get too caught up in speed and sometimes don’t get in front of change. We try many new things at once that sometimes we lose our way. We chatter, get frustrated, we get tired at times by the end of the day.

Listening to these comments, as SoftwareONE’s Director of Learning and Development, I couldn’t help but feel that, even with our blunders, we are getting it right. We are a ‘family’ at SoftwareONE, and though we aren’t always perfect, we always believe, in the words of our late founder, Patrick Winter, that our people are our greatest asset.

A work family

Although we may stumble with each other or make mistakes in our work, we are a company of people that thinks of our co-workers as ‘family.’ This allows us to be loyal, to help our colleagues at work and to be there for them when they experience personal challenges. We hang out together, we work hard and play even harder together. We focus on the best parts of each other and help each other learn from the faults.

Our people and this ‘family’ that we’ve created, will always be the secret to our success, that our love for each other and our commitment to helping each other will beat every challenge and overcome any obstacle. Just like in the most loyal and successful family.

Happy New Year!

So as we kick off 2019, myself and the leadership team would like to offer the most heartfelt thank you to my SoftwareONE family members as well as to our future members. You are the best and we can’t wait to see where our journey takes us next.

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