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Shadow IT vs. Data Security

Shadow IT Versus Data Security: How Companies Can Share Large Volumes of Data

Data security and the correct management of sensitive project information are delicate issues. Indeed, many companies face serious challenges when required to make accessible, share and transmit the large volumes of data accumulating throughout a project as quickly as possible. Often this leads to an uncontrolled spreading of shadow IT environments via Dropbox, WhatsApp or other tools. Now there is a solution: your worries will melt away with Office 365 and OneDrive for Business. We show you how your project teams can collaborate securely and meaningfully in a controlled setting, whenever they like and wherever they happen to be.

You Couldn’t Make it up – How Sensitive Data is Handled

During a recent lunch with some of your colleagues, one of them told you with visible pride that he was able to forward confidential data to another employee without IT support, although the document was far too large to be sent by email via the company server. To do this – and without consulting – he used an online tool, but neglected to consider what would happen with the sensitive data and where it would be stored. It is moments like this – and they happen almost every day – that leave you shaking your head in disbelief. Understandably.

When Employees ‘proactively’ Obstruct the Security of Information and the Protection of Data

Employees from various locations around the world or at different, cooperating companies frequently need to share data as quickly and simply as possible. But often the volume of data is too large to be sent by email. In most cases, the colleagues involved will neglect to ask and will instead make ‘proactive’ decisions. However desirable and encouraged this may be in other cases, in this particular situation it is counter-productive as it leads to the emergence of a ‘shadow IT’ environment that will give you, as an IT manager, serious jitters when it comes to aspects like security and data protection. The best solution for companies is if your colleagues and employees are not put in the tricky situation of having to find alternative ways of managing daily collaboration. A single document at a central storage location, with defined access, and without cumbersome forwarding back and forth as an email attachment: OneDrive for Business is built for precisely these things.

Safe Storage, Syncing and Sharing of Documents

OneDrive for Business keeps everyone up-to-date and entirely in sync, no matter where your employees happen to be or what devices they are using. Teams can collaborate on documents, share reports with partners or communicate with customers. Your benefits:.

  • Collaborate on the latest document versions at any location
  • Directly control data security and shares
  • Access data on any device and platform
  • Manage all locations with a single account
  • Up to 5 terabytes of OneDrive storage per user

Everyone Works on the Same File

OneDrive lets you ensure that all relevant persons involved in the project are working simultaneously on the same file and are able to track changes in real time. And that’s not everything: Your employees do not even need to be sitting at their desks. Files can be reviewed, corrected or added to in an online and offline setting. OneDrive allows you to save files, share them with other people, sync them with your computer and download them for offline use. An endless labyrinth of file versions on flash drives and email threads are now safely confined to history.

Anytime. Anywhere. Up-to-date. Safe.

As an online storage space for your company, OneDrive for Business is an essential part of Office 365. With it you have access to the latest, synched data, whenever you like and wherever you happen to be. Plus: you can use the data reliably and safely on several devices at the same time. Access files on your desktop, cellphone or tablet, whatever your current location. OneDrive is the safe place where your employees store all digital work resources.

Security Instead of Troubled Sleep

The range of features is essential, of course, but control is imperative. File hosting and sharing services are unable to address these issues adequately. Indeed, these services have key drawbacks from an enterprise perspective: Files are placed on unknown servers, beyond the direct control of your company. For instance, you cannot block an employee centrally if he or she happens to lose or forget the login details. OneDrive for Business gives you full control. For perfect security instead of troubled sleep.

One Account to Manage all Data Worldwide

One feature of OneDrive for Business is really tasty, as it facilitates global collaboration while also resolving regional, industry-specific or organizational requirements for data management. Multi-Geo allows you to maintain several Office 365 datacenters using just one account that saves user data in selected regions. In a nutshell: One account is all you need to manage all your regional locations.

Up to 5 Terabytes for Every User

You are handed an initial capacity of 5 TB OneDrive storage for every user for subscriptions with five or more users. For subscriptions with fewer than five users, each of them will receive 1 TB of OneDrive storage.

Looking for More Information about Shadow IT & Collaboration?

Our Modern Workplace initiative shows you how Office 365 can guarantee data security and prevent the spread of shadow IT in your company.

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