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Google Maps Platform, the best mapping technology at your disposal

Google Maps Platform, the best mapping technology at your disposal

Google Maps Platform allows you to develop a geolocation strategy that will help create new growth possibilities for your business.

It helps you make better decisions, increase user interaction and simplify operations in sectors such as logistics by helping to minimize delivery costs; in real estate by offering personalized user experiences; in e-commerce by reducing shopping cart abandonment; or in ridesharing by minimizing travel times among many other examples.

Google Maps Platform offers you its 18 APIs grouped in three main blocks: Maps, Routes and Places.


This is the block responsible for displaying the map in its different formats, it includes everything related to localization and cartography.

Javascript API: Allows the visualization of the map. From this API, we can visualize any result obtained through the rest of Google Maps APIs that we want to implement.

Street View API: Allows you to embed a static (non-interactive) Street View panorama or thumbnail on your web page, without the use of JavaScript.

Static Maps API: Returns an image (either GIF, PNG or JPG) in response to an HTTP request via a URL.



In this block we find the APIs in charge of the elaboration and tracing of routes.

Directions API: Calculates the duration of a trip based on real-time traffic data.

Distance Matrix API: Calculates the duration and distance to be travelled on the routes, considering up to 25 waypoints.

Routes API: Determines and traces the route followed by a resource and locates the nearest roads at each point along the route.


It is the block in charge of managing the data provided by Google that will be used later to enrich the cartography, creating layers of information that feed the map and route blocks.

Places API: Provides details of establishments and/or points of interest such as opening hours, rating, prices, etc.

Geocoding API: Performs two-way conversion of addresses entered on the platform into geographic coordinates.

Geolocation API: It shows precisely where resources and/or devices are located thanks to cell phone towers and WiFi networks.

Timezone API: Displays the time zone of any location.


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