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Google Cloud, innovative solutions for complex business challenges

Google Cloud, innovative solutions for complex business challenges

In the era of the transformation cloud, innovation is an even more key factor than ever in the path to business success.

Google Cloud offers solutions that help improve efficiency, agility and reduce costs. With more than 20 years of focus on constant innovation, Google Cloud is an ideal partner, facilitating the creation of new business models and taking advantage of new market opportunities.

Why Google Cloud?


In addition to the above reasons, other differentiator points of Google Cloud are:

  • Extensive range --> With all kinds of offerings, from digital workplace support to AI
  • Easy automation--> Levering on server less machine learning and analytics. Live migration of virtual machines
  • Global presence --> Network with a wide range of data center locations, spread all over the world, therefore low latency, and effective troubleshooting in case of an issue

Why SoftwareONE?

At the end 2020, SoftwareONE, became Google Cloud Partner Premier through the acquisition of Intelligence Partner, Google Partner 2010, with more than 750 Google Cloud customers.


Our successful experience in Google Cloud’s processes and technologies has allowed us to be pioneers in obtaining the Work Transformation (Workspace) and Location-Based Services (Google Maps Platform) specializations and more than 10 Google Cloud Expertise Certifications.


Our 50+ worldwide certified experts covering Google Cloud (and growing) allow us to provide our customers with the best quality in all our services.

SoftwareONE Google Cloud Services

Location and Mapping

Google Maps Platform has been a turning point not only for its users, but also as a transformation axis for companies, improving not only mobility and route optimization, but also the quality of the user experience in a wide variety of sectors.

With our Google Maps Platform location and mapping solutions and services you can:

  • Discover how you can improve your business with valuable real-world data and immersive location experiences.
  • Having a service that has 99% global coverage, 25 million daily updates, 1 billion active users per month.
  • Customize and consume as you wish Maps, Routes, and Places from Google MAPs.
  • Have a service that scales everything you need on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Future Workplace

Google Workspace empowers teams to be faster, smarter, and more collaborative than ever before, also allowing you to work efficiently and securely from one place with all the tools you need.

With our Google Workspace solutions and services, you will:

  • Redefine the concept of the workplace
  • Increase collaboration and productivity in your company
  • Enable new scenarios around the creation, automation, access, and consumption of information
  • Accelerate adoption and facilitate remote work

Data Center Modernization

Migrate your workloads to the Google cloud while benefiting from a state-of-the-art infrastructure, with a pay-as-you-go philosophy that will allow you to minimize your costs and reduce your investment needs.

Adopting a cloud strategy with Google Cloud Platform also implies great flexibility and agility, the possibility of scaling according to the needs of each moment or being up to date with the constant technological innovations that are taking place, always with the maximum guarantee of security.

With our Google Cloud Data Center Modernization solutions and services, you can:

  • Transform the Data Center concept by leveraging the full power of the Google cloud.
  • Have a flexible, scalable, agile, and secure infrastructure.
  • Design a Cloud, Hybrid or Multi-cloud strategy with high availability, security, and governance.
  • Select the right workloads to migrate including SAP and VMWare and optimize your Total Cost of Ownership.

Application Modernization

In the constant change we live in today, companies need to be agile and innovative. Google Cloud, whose main leitmotiv is constant innovation, is an ideal provider in the process of business transformation.

With our Google Cloud Application Modernization solutions and services, you can:

  • Modernize your applications using Google Cloud Platform and turn them into secure, scalable, and reliable applications.
  • Benefit from the use of agile methodologies, which allow you to see results from the beginning and get continuous feedback

Data and Analytics

Information is the fuel for business transformation.  Google, whose core business is the analysis of information, makes it possible to display in real time the truly valuable and relevant information, and to do so for a large volume of data.

With our Data Platform and Advanced Analytics solutions and services you can:

  • Benefit from Google's flagship service (BigQuery) to take your data warehouse to the cloud.
  • Discover Google's pre-trained Machine Learning models to perform analysis of both structured and unstructured information without the need for Data Science.
  • Use dashboards with near real-time information thanks to Google's data streaming services.
  • Use the data visualization tool that best suits your needs: Google Data Studio, Tableau or Looker.

Cloud Security

For Google, which was born in the cloud, security has always been a priority. That is why it offers its customers the same robust infrastructure that they themselves use and ensures their own security.

With our Google Cloud Security solutions and services, you can:

  • Prioritize the security of your workplace to prevent attacks.
  • Extend your security policy to the extension of your Data Center in the cloud: Google Cloud Platform.
  • Change the global security paradigm based on VPN. Learn about BeyondCorp's zero trust model.

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