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​Backup / Archiving

Data growth in companies and organizations today is enormous. Indeed, much takes place effortlessly on clients and servers but becomes a problem during a backup. In addition, backups today are not only for one’s own purposes but to fulfill strict legal requirements.


Data Management Under Control





SoftwareONE AG shows you ways to securely control the data volume. Moreover, our network of experienced backup and archiving specialists is available to you via the IT Leverage System (ILS).

Are you fulfilling legal requirements?

Sarbanes Oxley, Basel II: The backup of data has not been a private matter for a long time now. Data must be trackable going back for years, varying from industry to industry. Could you quickly conjure forth emails that were written three years ago? SoftwareONE answers your questions about laws and regulations for the safekeeping of information.

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Silvio Cerri

PreSales Consultant Infrastructure
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